Aqua Computer Creates Open Source 3D Printable 'Skylake Twister' for CPU Delid Purposes

HWBOT member Aerou shared this interesting 3D printed device on the forum. Aqua Computer is a fairly well-known German brand of custom water cooling parts for PC DIY enthusiasts. They released an open source 3D printable CPU delid device called Skylake Twister on Unlike der8auer's Delid Die Mate, the Skylake Twister applies rotational force to pop the heat spreader from the CPU PCB. Here are the instructions from the Thingiverse page:

"This tool can be printed with many FDM-3D printers at home from the supplied STL files. The Skylake CPU will be inserted in the pocket of the bottom part and after that the Skylake twister will be plugged together. To remove the heat spreader you need to turn the top part in the direction of the arrow. After 15 degrees it will stop and this is the point where the heat spreader gets in contact. Both parts of the Skylake twister are now securely locked against each other. At the sides of the tool are two holes. At this point you need two strong screwdrivers to insert into these two holes. Resume twisting using the screwdrivers until you hear a loud cracking sound. Your heat spreader is now removed from the CPU. Both parts are secured in the pockets during the complete process."

For more information, check out the page at

Dec 24, 2015 - article -