Pepinorang (MSI) Publishes Z170A XPower Gaming TE LN2 OC Guide (+ support thread)

Pepinorang, one of MSI's two in-house overclockers, recently published an extreme overclocking guide for the new Z170A XPower Gaming TE motherboard. The guide is the kick off for the overclocking support thread in our forums.

In the forum thread you can find interesting downloads as well. For example, you'll find the latest version of the Core Center Lite and Core Center Lite Memory light-weight overclocking tools. You can also find a link to the latest test BIOS, which according to Pepinorang is currently the best pick for extreme overclockers. In the LN2 OC Guide, we find more information on the extreme overclocking features of the motherboard, an insulation guide, and tips'n'tricks for overclocking Hynix MFR memory kits.

Check out the thread on the forum for more information and details!

Sep 25, 2015 - article -