Skylake, Day 2: Splave Delids IHS, Swaps Thermal Paste, and Lowers Temps 18°C Under Load

We are day two after the Skylake launch and the overclockers are going at it hard already. Yesterday we wrote about the vast amount of World Records and Global First Places set by the pre-launch adopters. With 24 titles in total, overclockers are gearing up for a new era in extreme overclocking.

On day two, things get more interesting. Splave has looked into delidding the IHS of Skylake and found that it's 1) fairly easy to do, and 2) brings quite the temperature improvement. To quote the man himself:

"...[testing wprime] Before: 96C hit and failed within seconds. After: 78C Warmest core and passed. Under ln2 without Delid running XTU we are going postive temps at -145c hits 20c loaded."

A temperature reduction of 18°C under load is a significant improvement, but the most spectacular improvement is certainly see with liquid nitrogen. Splave recommends using a razor blade since other methods may crack the PCB.

For more information, check out Splave's thread in the Skylake OC sub-forum.

Aug 7, 2015 - article -