SF3D OC Tweaking Competition

This competition is not organized by HWBOT. For more information, see <a href="http://www.sf3d.fi/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=857" target="blank">sf3d.fi</a>.

Now it is time to reserve some time for fine tuning your setup, because the SF3D OC Tweakit competition has started!

Idea of the competition :

  • 1.) Run Superpi 32M test program.
  • 2.) Run 3DMark05 graphics test.

The best submissions will get points in hwbot.org competition page and the user with higest combined points will win!


  • You can use only 5GHz clock speed on the CPU. Max allowed frequency is 5000,5MHz. You can use any processor and as many cores you like.
  • You need to use only 1GPU, so cards with multiple GPU's are not allowed (Not allowed: GTX 590, 7990 etc.) SLI and CF modes are obviously not allowed.

There is no limitations in cooling methods.

  • 1.) Take screenshot, which is made by the rules in HWbot.org
  • 2.) Results will need to be posted here and in to hwbot.org competition page. In this thread you need only screenshot and a link to HWBOT competition submission.
  • 3.) Picture of the setup might be needed on HWBOT, but not in this forum thread.
  • 4.) Do not try to cheat, cause it will lead in to banning you from the competition and from HWBOT.
  • 5.) Timeframe for this competition will be 10th of November (00.00) (10.11.2012) until 8th of December (23.59) (08.12.2012)
  • 6.) Competition is open to all EU citizens. Prizes can not be send outside of EU, because customs and postage fees.


  • 1.) Winner of the competition will get MSI X79A-GD45 motherboard and FSP Aurum PRO 1200W power supply
  • 2.) The one who will be second, will get FSP Gold series 750W PSU
  • 3.) 1 FSP Gold series 750W PSU will go by lottery between all participants

Good luck and may the best tweaker win!


  • SF3D OC Tweaking Competition is not hosted on HWBOT. It runs from 13 November 2012 until 8 December 2012. More information here.
  • This competition is between Members.



This competition is not hosted at HWBOT. Check the ranking for participating overclockers.

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