Challenger 2018 Div VI Round 1 - SuperPi - 32M

Stage: SuperPi 32M open - closed since 31 Mar

Stage Details

  • SuperPi - 32M is closed since 31 March 2018.


  • Only use AMD processors.
  • Only submissions made on or after 2018-02-01 are allowed.
  • Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.
  • A verification screenshot is required.
  • Verification follows HWBOT rules
  • Only use processors from the FX-Series (15h gen1), Sempron X2 (15h gen2), Athlon X2 (15h gen2), A-Series (15h gen2), FX-Series (15h gen2), Athlon X4 (15h gen2), FX-Series (15h gen3), A-Series (15h gen3), Athlon X2 (15h gen3), Athlon X4 (15h gen3), Athlon X4 (15h gen4), A-Series (15h gen4), A-Series (16h gen1), E-Series (16h gen1), A-Series (16h gen2), E-Series (16h gen2), A-Series (16h gen3), E-Series (16h gen3) sub family.
  • You must use the official background (download) in all screenshots

Currently top leader

fr The Silver 9min 21sec 367ms good for 50 pts


Latest submissions for stage SuperPi - 32M

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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. SuperPi - 32M 10min 1sec 818ms Netherlands Oldscarface Belgium Madshrimps Belgium OC Team 4780 MHz AMD A6-9500E Cascade 0   0
2. SuperPi - 32M 9min 21sec 367ms France The Silver France French Legion 5207 MHz AMD A8-9600 LN2 0   1
3. SuperPi - 32M 13min 3sec 0ms Russian Federation Remarc Russian Federation Remarc 4900 MHz AMD A10-7860K Air 0   1
4. SuperPi - 32M 23min 18sec 33ms United States yee245 OC Krue 3800 MHz AMD FX-4130 Stock 0   0
5. SuperPi - 32M 15min 12sec 789ms United Kingdom Jumper118 United Kingdom Team MLG 6220.4 MHz AMD FX-9590 Dice 0   0
6. SuperPi - 32M 12min 14sec 324ms United States Bones United States Warp9-systems 6194 MHz AMD FX-8300 Dice 0   1
7. SuperPi - 32M 10min 11sec 724ms Netherlands 12AX7 Belgium Madshrimps Belgium OC Team 4596 MHz AMD Athlon X4 845 SS 1   0
8. SuperPi - 32M 10min 20sec 39ms superpatodonaldo Italy XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy 4635 MHz AMD Athlon X4 845 SS 0   0
9. SuperPi - 32M 19min 14sec 137ms United States kjjweber 5017 MHz AMD FX-9590 Stock 0   0
10. SuperPi - 32M 10min 27sec 843ms Australia macsbeach98 United States Warp9-systems 7427 MHz AMD FX-8370 LN2 0   0