HWBOT OC-Fanboy Duel #1 - Intel 3570K vs AMD FX-8350

Fanboys are idiots. They ruin great discussion threads with biased numbers and an opinion that is apparently better than anyone else's. I don't like them, you don't like them ... in fact no one likes them. But they exist, sadly enough.

In an attempt to silence The Fanboys, we are starting a new series of overclocking competitions called "HWBOT OC-Fanboy Duel". In these duels, we take two products that have both have hardcore - read: obsessed - fanboys on their side and put the hardware to the test. Which is better when overclocking?

The first duel is all about AMD's newest "top-of-the-line" Piledriver CPU versus Intel's Ivy Bridge. To keep it fair - as if Fanboys care - we compare on a similar price level: the Intel Core i5 3570K versus AMD FX-8350. The duel grounds: Heaven DX11, 3DMark11 Performance and 3DMark Vantage Performance.

Let the games begin!

!! updated !!

HWBOT partner Enermax has been so generous to offer 2x Enermax MAXRevo 1500W PSU as prize for this competition. The PSU will be given to two lucky draw winners: one for a 3570K OC-Fanboy and one for a FX-8350 OC-Fanboy!

Thanks Enermax!


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  • 2x Lucky Draw: Enermax MaxRevo 1500W

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