Overclockers spend a lot of time asking for and giving help. Many times this help ends up saving people's components or helps them increase their computer speed. These are things that certainly deserve more than just a thanks. This kind of free help deserves getting tipped so let’s be the first coin used for this.

There are over 55,000 overclockers on HWBOT and many of them participate in other computer enthusiast forums, so what better way to introduce them to Dogecoin is there than giving it to the 9 best overclockers in 3 different competition events. To find these 9 best there will an overclocking competition with the winners getting the Dogecoin prize.

There will be 3 different stages all limited to only using air or watercooling.

  • Intel SuperPi 32M (maximum frequency of 4.38 GHz)
  • AMD SuperPi 32M (maximum frequency of 4.57 GHz)
  • 3DMark Fire Strike with AMD Tahiti (HD7970/7950 and R9 280X/280) and Nvidia GK104 (GTX 680/670/770/760) based GPUs

This competition will happen regardless of the amount of Dogecoin raised. However the more dogecoin gets raised for the prize pool the more attention the competition will get.

I will donate an initial 31,500 DOGE to make sure that even in the worst case scenario the competiton can still happen. The only downside being that the winner of each stage will only get 6,000 Dogecoin the second place will get 3,000 and third will get 1,500.

The competition will launch September 1st and go on until the end of September. By October 2nd the Dogecoin will be distributed to the winners. To make everything fair I, the organizer, will not be participating.

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  • OC4DOGE is closed since 30 September 2014.
  • This competition is between Members.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.


This competition was open to everyone.

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