MSI MOA 2011 Americas Online pre-selection

The overclocking fever never ends!

The MSI MOA 2011 global event will kick off another round of overclockers' warfare in the Americas! MSI has called upon all overclocking aficionados from North and South America to log on to HWBOT, the renowned website dedicated to overclocking, between October 23 and November 21 to push their systems to the limit.

There are 5 stages in the exciting online pre-selection. Two winners from each stage will be selected during the four-week pre-selection phase of the MOA Americas and will be invited to participate in the very first live MOA competition for the Americas, next January in Las Vegas, USA!

MSI MOA 2011 Grand Final: "Operation Taipei" Roadmap



6 January 2011 - 6 January 2011: MSI MOA Americas 2011: "Operation Las Vegas"
18 October 2010 - 22 November 2010: MSI MOA 2011 Americas Online pre-selection


  • MSI MOA 2011 Americas Online pre-selection is closed since 22 November 2010.
  • This competition is between Members.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.


  • Top-2 Winner of each stage

    The top 2 winners from each stage will get a ticket to MOA 2011 AM Qualifier. Each winner can team up with 1 team member and be invited to MOA 2011 AM Qualifier, which makes a total of 10 teams. The MOA 2011 AM Qualifier takes place in Las Vegas, USA, January 6-7th.

  • Lucky Draw - Stage 1: MSI R5770 Hawk

  • Lucky Draw - Stage 2: MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5

  • Lucky Draw - Stage 3: MSI P55A-GD65

  • Lucky Draw - Stage 4: MSI P55-GD85

  • Lucky Draw - Stage 5: MSI N460GTX Hawk

HWBOT General Rules and Guidelines

Here at HWBOT we try our best to deliver a fair and enjoyable playing field for all those who participate in the rankings and competition. To be able to provide this kind of service we have tried to design some submission and general rules to help remove any doubts about whether something is allowed or not. Based on continued experience these rules will be updated, expanded and completed as time goes by. Please check back for any updates.