Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs Computex 2014 - XTU

Stage: XTU open - closed since 3 Jun

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  • XTU is closed since 3 June 2014.


There are no limitations, all hardware may be used.

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dk zzolio 1139 marks good for 10 pts


For overclockers attending Computex 2014, Intel® is hosting the Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs alongside a bigger overclocking competition. The Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs features 8 overclockers competing on air cooling using the new Z97 motherboards and upcoming Haswell K-SKU series CPUs. The registration for this competition is open. All you need to do is submit an XTU result using either the Core i5 4670K or the Core i7 4770K to this competition page. From the selection of submissions we then select the 8 participants at random.

The Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs takes place on June 3 from 5.30PM until 8.30PM during Computex 2014. The amateurs are split in two groups of four. Each amateur will have 1.5h to compete, so in total eight amateurs will compete. The challenge is simple: whoever sets the highest XTU and CPU Frequency scores wins the competition and will forever be known as the winner of the first Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs. The competition will be held on air-cooling only. The full system, including the cooling gear, will be provided by the organization.

Note: even if you have liquid nitrogen experience you are eligible for this competition.


XTU Ranking

dk zzolio - 1139 marks - 10 pts
id Rookie_JR - 1139 marks - 8 pts
id cerpelai - 1118 marks - 6 pts
de Bullshooter - 1097 marks - 5 pts
sg Jarrax - 1043 marks - 3 pts
hk CherV - 977 marks - 2 pts
br joe90br - 953 marks - 1 pts

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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. XTU 977 marks Hong Kong CherV Hong Kong HKEPC Laboratory n/a n/a 0   0
2. XTU 1043 marks Singapore Jarrax Singapore Team Merlion n/a n/a 0   0
3. XTU 1139 marks Indonesia Rookie_JR Indonesia Indonesia n/a n/a 0   0
4. XTU 1083 marks Hong Kong Tommi_Vercetti Hong Kong Team Full XD n/a n/a 0   0
5. XTU 1139 marks Denmark zzolio Denmark OcTeamDenmark n/a n/a 0   0
6. XTU 953 marks Brazil joe90br PURE n/a n/a 0   0
7. XTU 1118 marks Indonesia cerpelai Indonesia Indonesia n/a n/a 0   0
8. XTU 1097 marks Germany Bullshooter Germany Team Hardware-Reaktor-Reloaded n/a n/a 0   0