HWBOT OC Challenge October 2012: "October Rush"

As requested by the seemingly indefatigable overclocking community, here's this month's HWBOT OC Challenge. The October '12 edition will be short one (we're already almost half-way the month), featuring a bunch of 3-day "OC Rush" challenges. Get your team (and hardware) ready for the rushes and try to grab the win!

The stage hardware requirements:

  • Rush #1: AMD CPU
  • Rush #2: Ivy Bridge CPU
  • Rush #3: Socket 939 Platform
  • Rush #4: AGP Graphics Card
  • Rush #5: LGA775 CPU
  • Rush #6: SD-Ram Memory
  • Rush #7: N/A

Competition background download: http://hwbot.org/blog/wp-content//octbg.jpg

Good luck to all!


  • HWBOT OC Challenge October 2012: "October Rush" is closed since 31 October 2012.
  • This competition is between teams.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.

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