GIGABYTE Initial K Contest!

Since this is the year of the rabbit in Asian astrology which symbolizes "quick" and the Easter bunny is soon to make an appearance in the West, we thought it would be fun to have a challenge to see just how quick some of you are with our P67* motherboards. As you probably figured out by the title, the GIGABYTE "Initial K Contest" focuses on Intel’s K sku CPUs.

Split into 6 stages, contestants who place in the top eight for each stage will receive points. The champion at the end with the most points will win one of HiCookie's first born X58A-OC board. 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a GIGABTYE P67A-D3-B3 motherboard.

Good luck everyone and hop to it!


  • GIGABYTE Initial K Contest! is closed since 30 April 2011.
  • This competition is between Members.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.


  • X58A-OC

    Some say he's the source from which all frequencies are derived, and that when he was born doctors described him as 'fully unlocked'. All we know is he's called Hicookie and is the brains behind GIGABYTE's X58A-OC mainboard

    The winner of this competition will certainly be one of the happiest overclockers on the planet when receiving the outcome of that project at home.

  • GA-P67A-D3-B3

    The runner-up and third of this competition will be going home with a brand-new P67A-D3-B3"GIGABYTE P67A-D3-B3 motherboards is designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance and clarity for your computing needs. Powered by the Intel® P67 chipset with support for 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors, GIGABYTE P67A-D3-B3 enjoy uniquely developed technologies such as Smart 6 , DualBIOS technology and Ultra Durable 2 design just to name a few, that ensure a reliable and enjoyable computing experience."

    More information: GIGABYTE website.

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