GIGABYTE Classic Challenge II - SuperPi - 32M

Stage: SuperPi 32M All Out open - closed since 30 Sep

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  • SuperPi - 32M is closed since 30 September 2012.


  • Only use GIGABYTE motherboards.
  • Only use motherboards using Z77 chipset.
  • A verification screenshot is required.
  • Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.
  • Must use competition background: download
  • Screenshot must include: SuperPI 32M score, CPU-Z CPU/MEM/Mainboard tab

Currently top leader

gr sofos1990 4min 51sec 704ms good for 10 pts


Traditionally, September is the worst month for any youngster. It means the end of the summer vacation and back to the books. Luckily, it's not just the students who hate the nineth month of the year, but of course also the teachers! To give both a good excuse not having to spend time on homework, GIGABYTE has prepared another Classic Challenge for you!

There are two stages: 3DMark01 and SuperPI 32M. For SuperPI 32M there are no limitations; a perfect way for chemistry student/teachers to set up camp in the lab and waste the school's liquid nitrogen supply. 3DMark01 has a CPU MHz cap set at 5GHz (=< 5000.00 MHz) as well as a Nature subtest limitation of 1340FPS (=<1340.99FPS), which means LN2 is (although recommended) not a requirement to play.

In case 'back to school' hasn't given you enough motivation (lazy students!), check out the prizes. Yes, that's right: Z77X-UP7 for the winner! Z77X-UP7! Motivation enough now?!

Last-minute update: the team at GIGABYTE also announced they'll be giving away another Z77X-UP7 mainboard as a lucky draw amongst those who didn't win. Submit a result, learn how to improve your efficiency in these epic classic benchmarks and you might as well end up with one of these Z77X-UP7 boards!

Good luck to all!


How to WIN Provider Prize
Overall runner-up GIGABYTE GIGABYTE Z77X-UP5 TH


In case of a tie the winner will be decided by the SuperPI 32M stage.

SuperPi 32M All Out Ranking

Latest submissions for stage SuperPi - 32M

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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. SuperPi - 32M 4min 55sec 890ms Greece Stelaras Greece Hellas Overclocking Team 6633 MHz Intel Core i7 3770K LN2 1   1
2. SuperPi - 32M 5min 37sec 906ms Poland qjak Poland 3d-info 5938.8 MHz Intel Core i7 3770K LN2 0   0
3. SuperPi - 32M 4min 52sec 47ms United States zeneffect United States XtremeSystems 6760.1 MHz Intel Core i7 3770K LN2 7   2
4. SuperPi - 32M 6min 32sec 891ms Brazil Darkvenom Brazil TecLab OC Team 5060 MHz Intel Core i5 3570K H2O 0   0
5. SuperPi - 32M 8min 35sec 375ms Gluvocio Italy XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy n/a Intel Core i7 3770 Air 0   0
6. SuperPi - 32M 4min 51sec 704ms Greece sofos1990 Greece HwBox Hellas O/C Team 6821 MHz Intel Core i7 3770K LN2 4   0
7. SuperPi - 32M 6min 48sec 266ms Italy aperacer Germany AwardFabrik 4995 MHz Intel Core i7 3770K H2O 0   0
8. SuperPi - 32M 5min 51sec 328ms kikicoco1334 United States Extreme Overclockers of United States 5800 MHz Intel Core i5 3570K LN2 0   1
9. SuperPi - 32M 5min 54sec 844ms kikicoco1334 United States Extreme Overclockers of United States 5757 MHz Intel Core i5 3570K LN2 0   0
10. SuperPi - 32M 5min 58sec 968ms China impinth_llq n/a 5786.9 MHz Intel Core i7 3770K LN2 0   0