ASRock Z77 OC Formula Challenge

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sep1, 2012 —The leading motherboard brand ASRock today announced ASRock Z77 OC Formula Overclocking Competition with HWBOT, sponsored by ADATA, Antec, SteelSeries , and Thermaltake.

This competition will be kicked off from 11:00 am( GMT+8 ) 10th Sep to 11:00 pm ( GMT+8 ) 9th Oct. and welcomed all overclockers in China to win this amazing prize !

TO BE THE OC KING IN CHINA! ASRock invited two China OC professional team, Xpower and Extreme Player involving in this competition. All overclockers in China are welcomed to challenge their score and you are a representative of “Celebrity team”.

The ASRock Z77 OC Formula features 3 different benchmarks and runs a period of 1 month. ASRock challenges all the overclockers in China to submit the highest 3DMark 01, Pifast and Wprime score.

There will be 2 main challenges both using any ASRock Z77 motherboard. There are no restrictions on the brand of graphics card used but in each category must use a single GPU, single card system and Lucid Virtu MVP HyperFormance is invalid. Only and all hardware used must be released and commercially available.


To make the competition more interesting, all overclockers need to finish 3 stages and submit your score and HWBOT will calculate your final score by the following formula


  • A: Wprime 32M
  • B: Pifast
  • C: 3Dmark01

Each stage standard point:

  • 3D mark 01 - 88477
  • Pifast - 19.47 sec
  • Wprime - 6.593 sec


To win more than once!! ASRock’s turned a formal competition into a more exciting one; we will have a “Challenge cup” winner 2 weeks (Sep 24(GMT+8,11:00AM)) after kicking off and the participant who gets over 55 pt and the gets highest score would be our winner! The highest score wins ADATA SX900 128G SSD, SteelSeries SENSEI RAW (amongst many others).

The second challenge is as simple as the first one; you can gather points based on each stage. In the end, the participant with the most points wins this competition.

To give you more than you can image! The second challenge winner will have not only ASRock Z77 OC Formula motherboard, the dream high spec motherboard for every overclockers, but also ADATA SX900 128G SSD, Antec HCP 1200, SteelSeries 6GV2 keyboard and TT Frio Advanced.

The contest runs from September 10th to October 9th . Good luck everyone!

About the ASRock Z77 超频方程式 competition

全球主板领导品牌华擎科技 ASRock宣布与HWBOT合作举办Z77 超频方程式超频挑战赛, 并邀集ADATA、Antec, SteelSeries 和Thermaltake.等合作伙伴共襄盛举。Z77 超频方程式超频挑战赛将于9/10开始进行至10/9,华擎科技欢迎各位中国的超频好手共同挑战夺取这次的高价大奖

谁会成为中国超频之王? 华擎科技邀请了中国两支职业超频战队- Xpower 与 Extreme Player共同加入这场王者的战局,除了两支战队的战争之外,你也可以以个人的名义出赛挑战他们的纪录

此次的Z77 超频方程式超频大赛将以3DMark 01, Pifast 与Wprime为基准检验软件,本次比赛仅可以使用华擎ASRock Z77 所有主板进行挑战,在三个平台中任何品牌的显示适配器皆可参赛,须为单卡单GPU;并且必须关闭Lucid Virtu MVP HyperFormance.

方法; 为了让比赛更显得有张力,所有的超频玩家在这次的比赛当中必须完成三个平台的测试并且上传你的分数,上传次数不限但是请在您注册的账号旁边注记您为XPower, Extreme Player或是Celebrity,如: NickShih_Celebrity。华擎官方与HWBOT会根据超频者上传的三个分数计算你的总分 每个平台的基准分数: 3D mark 01- 88477分;Pifast -19.47秒;Wprime- 6.593 秒 积分计算公式:

奖品 超过一次的大奖机会! 华擎科技将这次比赛加入了些许的刺激元素,特地设定了Z77 超频方程式目标挑战赛,在比赛开始后的第二个礼拜一9/24号(GMT+8,11:00AM)为目标限时挑战赛截止时间,所有达到挑战门坎总绩分55分的挑战者中,获得分数最高的超频好手可得到ADATA SX900 128G SSD, SteelSeries SENSEI RAW 等高额奖品。

第二个挑战赛为Z77 超频方程式积分挑战赛,在一个月的比赛期间中,超频好手可以随时上传你的最佳成绩,在10/09:大陆时间11:00 PM( GMT +8 )截止上传至HWBOT时间。获得积分最高分者,将会成为华擎Z77 超频方程式挑战赛的王者荣耀。 这次华擎科技准备的奖品,远远超乎你的想象,Z77 超频方程式积分挑战赛的冠军能够除了能够由Nick Shih所操刀的高阶超频主板Z77 超频方程式之外,还能获得ADATA SX900 128G SSD, Antec HCP 1200电源 SteelSeries 6GV2键盘与TT Frio Advanced等超频玩家必备之高阶装备。


  • ASRock Z77 OC Formula Challenge is closed since 9 October 2012.
  • This competition is between Members.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.

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