April's Final Team Cup Warm-up

For the third and last time we will be warming up for the next Team Cup. After a double clear Team Cup warm up victory of HwBox Hellas O/C Team, we are eagerly waiting to see teams challenge the big favorites of this round. Plenty of strong overclocking teams are gearing up to take the overclocking crown from Greece!

During the month of April, we will focus on five different platforms and benchmarks. Firstly we will see how far we can push the bandwidth of DDR1 memory using MaxxMem. Then, we will take a trip down memory lane with SuperPI 1M and S754 - you know, the first Athlon64 - and the PiFast with the Pentium 1 processor family. Especially the later may turn out to be a game of patience. The fourth stage features another AMD platform as we'll put the Venice architecture through it's paces in SuperPI 32M. Does anyone still have one of those coldbug-free chips? Last but not least, we can combine our best Core 2 Q6600 with a single GPU graphics card to compete in 3DMark06.

Who will take the win in the final warm up and build up confidence for the upcoming Team Cup? Good luck everyone!


  • April's Final Team Cup Warm-up is closed since 30 April 2014.
  • This competition is between teams.

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This competition was open to everyone.

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