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  • 战队队长
世界范围: #282 out of 29123
Apprentice League: #12 out of 1364
战队: Cup Silver #2 Hardware.fr [HFR]
国家: #22 France

Season Ranking
世界范围: #212 out of 2626
Apprentice League: #32 out of 190
战队: Cup Bronze #3 Hardware.fr [HFR]
国家: #19 France

Other Rankings
硬件大师: 在152411中排名68

Global Masters: #371 out of 152411
Career Ranking: 1,624.3 from 2016 - 2019
Top 30 global points 159.7
Top 60 hardware points 1,464.6
Season 2019: 382.1 in 2019
Top 10 competitions points 62
Top 15 global points 6
Top 30 hardware points 252.1
战队能量分: 10,438.6 为战队赢得了 (GTPP 和: HTPP)

全球级: 170.7赢得了测试程序排名
硬件 6,681.2赢得了硬件排名
比赛: 267赢得了比赛
总得分: 7,118.9总得分

成就 57/104 解锁

挑战: 0/0 赢了


I am a LGA 771 / 775 passionnate, and bench mostly on DDR2 and DDR3 Intel platforms, but also sporadically on AM3. More specifically I stayed a while on 775, moving back and forth to AM2/3 platforms, but eventually stuck with Intel. After pushing most Xeon 771 quadcore chips to the frequency WRs with a 360mm WC system, I decided to tackle some 1155 and 1150 cpus for fun, with an AIO 240 WC and in the future on my 360 mm WC, using delidding/relidding with conductonaut when possible, for Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell chips. I rely mostly on hardware scoring, I hardmod a bit, and repare as much as I can defective/capricious motherboards.

For those interested, here are some info, in French (yeah... I know...) regarding the 771/775 mod:

All The Best