Threedhero's 3DMark03 country challenge - Jun 30, 2013 until Jul 7, 2013

Threedhero challenged anyone from United States to beat him at 3DMark03
Hardware limitations:
  • a Core i7 (Gulftown) processor
  • a GeForce 8800 GTX videocard

DOM. won the challenge with the following score: 81619 marks


Challenges are just for fun. No (OC-ESPORTS) points are awarded, and they are not moderated by HWBOT staff.


Accept the challenge if you want to let Threedhero know you will try to beat him.

The following members have accepted the challenge: DOM., Threedhero (defeated)

You can not accept this challenge.


Discuss the challenge at the HWBOT forum (6 comments)

United States Threedhero says:

8800GTX 2-way SLi

United States Halo_003 says:

Would if I had an 8800 GTX. :)

WeRNothiNg says:

One of my 8800 GTX is on the fritz.

United States Threedhero says:

Just opened this for a friend and myself but anyone is welcome.


Hey Halo its been awhile.

United States Threedhero says:

2nd 8800 got water damage, nice work Dom.

United States DOM. says:

I hate 03 just got 1k better from 5GHz vs 5.8GHz fail sauce xD

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