Monabuntur 's PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate global challenge - Jan 29, 2021 until Feb 28, 2021

Monabuntur challenged everyone to beat him at PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate
Any hardware may be used.

NATA 58 won the challenge with the following score: 9sec 412ms


Challenges are just for fun. No (OC-ESPORTS) points are awarded, and they are not moderated by HWBOT staff.


Accept the challenge if you want to let Monabuntur know you will try to beat him.

The following members have accepted the challenge: joe_cool, leeghoofd, NATA 58, xXSamyXx

You can not accept this challenge.


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Italy Monabuntur says:

PYPrime 2.0 is a synthetic benchmark for ram, when overclocking keep in mind that it scales very well with RAM clock and timings, but at a certain point you might have to overclock the CPU too when that becomes the bottleneck!

To try it out you'll need the latest BenchMate version (, Good luck and have fun and with your OC!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Going already for it bro? better state it requires the latest benchmate to run. Looks like a solid benchmark, well done!

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

@Monabuntur Am I right thinking that benchmark is purely single-threaded?

Italy Monabuntur says:

7 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

@Monabuntur Am I right thinking that benchmark is purely single-threaded?

Yes, the benchmark is purely single threaded

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