HWBOT Overclockers Career Ranking

The HWBOT Overclockers Career Ranking is based on the top 30 overclocking submissions, and the top 10 competition entries, made between 2006 and 2021. The algorithm is identical to the yearly season rankings, except not limited to the current year.

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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
9994. Enthusiast 13.10 United Kingdom Jimbo Mahoney unknown OcUK
9995. Elite 13.10 Indonesia dhedy86 United States ASUS Republic of Gamers
9996. Apprentice 13.10 Philippines J4net Overclock.net
9997. Enthusiast 13.10 Norway frederic.h.nielsen Norway Enthusiasts of Norway
9998. Enthusiast 13.10 India nikhilsj33 India Enthusiasts of India
9999. Enthusiast 13.10 Indonesia jet_buster Indonesia Enthusiasts of Indonesia
10000. Enthusiast 13.10 Indonesia priskila Indonesia Enthusiasts of Indonesia
10001. Enthusiast 13.10 Denmark lahn92 Denmark OcTeamDenmark
10002. Enthusiast 13.10 Germany Qubiq Germany PCHMG OC Crew
10003. Enthusiast 13.10 Bulgaria bongo78 Bulgaria HardwareBG.com
10004. Enthusiast 13.00 United States molinaf United States ASUS Republic of Gamers
10005. Enthusiast 13.00 Germany Bary Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
10006. Enthusiast 13.00 Germany Audifreak117 Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
10007. Enthusiast 13.00 United States AutisticChris unknown NHS OC Club
10008. Enthusiast 13.00 United Kingdom ryanteck United Kingdom Enthusiasts of United Kingdom
10009. Enthusiast 13.00 Russian Federation goronkoff Russian Federation Enthusiasts of Russian Federation
10010. Enthusiast 13.00 United States DialupDavid United States Enthusiasts of United States
10011. Enthusiast 13.00 Germany maser72 Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
10012. Enthusiast 13.00 Honduras tony_rokr Colombia OCnation
10013. Enthusiast 13.00 Belgium Ar3s Belgium pc-overware.be