HWBOT Overclockers Career Ranking

The HWBOT Overclockers Career Ranking is based on the top 30 overclocking submissions, and the top 10 competition entries, made between 2006 and 2019. The algorithm is identical to the yearly season rankings, except not limited to the current year.

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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
50008. Novice 2.00 United States justinwells127 United States Novices of United States
50009. Novice 2.00 United Kingdom abdulaslam United Kingdom Novices of United Kingdom
50010. Rookie 2.00 China zsy_00000 China Rookies of China
50011. Rookie 2.00 Germany Ndition Germany Rookies of Germany
50012. Rookie 2.00 United Arab Emirates aha300 United Arab Emirates Rookies of United Arab Emirates
50013. Rookie 2.00 United States LukeHK45 United States Rookies of United States
50014. Rookie 2.00 Sweden spyoooo123 Sweden Rookies of Sweden
50015. Rookie 2.00 United States asboy1422 United States Rookies of United States
50016. Rookie 2.00 United States sd1621 United States Dell Optiplex 990
50017. Rookie 2.00 United States SuperStallin Canada Hardware Canucks
50018. Rookie 2.00 United States RiDiK75 United States Rookies of United States
50019. Rookie 2.00 Thailand Guide5759 Thailand Rookies of Thailand
50020. Enthusiast 2.00 Canada terrythomas Canada Enthusiasts of Canada
50021. Enthusiast 2.00 South Africa Nateguy South Africa Enthusiasts of South Africa
50022. Enthusiast 2.00 France terreneuva64 France Enthusiasts of France
50023. Enthusiast 2.00 United States spongar141 United States Enthusiasts of United States
50024. Enthusiast 2.00 Germany Lx26 Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
50025. Enthusiast 2.00 Russian Federation Руслан Russian Federation Enthusiasts of Russian Federation
50026. Novice 2.00 Netherlands gioarmani Netherlands Novices of Netherlands
50027. Novice 2.00 United States drive2xs United States Novices of United States