HWBOT Overclockers Career Ranking

The HWBOT Overclockers Career Ranking is based on the top 30 overclocking submissions, and the top 10 competition entries, made between 2006 and 2021. The algorithm is identical to the yearly season rankings, except not limited to the current year.

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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
20337. Enthusiast 2.00 Indonesia GHzRakha Indonesia Enthusiasts of Indonesia
20338. Enthusiast 2.00 South Africa scorn101 South Africa Enthusiasts of South Africa
20339. Enthusiast 2.00 United States xjesse92x United States Enthusiasts of United States
20340. Enthusiast 2.00 Italy Gaetano Della Corte
20341. Enthusiast 2.00 Brazil godalucard Brazil Enthusiasts of Brazil
20342. Enthusiast 2.00 Canada peteypeter Canada Enthusiasts of Canada
20343. Enthusiast 2.00 Malaysia guinsoona Malaysia Lowyat's Overclockers
20344. Enthusiast 2.00 Australia DangerousD Australia Enthusiasts of Australia
20345. Enthusiast 2.00 Greece PcDude Greece Enthusiasts of Greece
20346. Enthusiast 2.00 United States cryptojoker69 United States Enthusiasts of United States
20347. Enthusiast 2.00 Finland sawe Finland Enthusiasts of Finland
20348. Enthusiast 2.00 Germany Okarin-san Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
20349. Enthusiast 2.00 Switzerland xinterceptorx Switzerland Enthusiasts of Switzerland
20350. Enthusiast 2.00 Canada Charnelrot Canada Enthusiasts of Canada
20351. Enthusiast 2.00 Belgium senkane Belgium Enthusiasts of Belgium
20352. Enthusiast 2.00 Chile Sarahh Chile Enthusiasts of Chile
20353. Enthusiast 2.00 United States lacklusterog United States Enthusiasts of United States
20354. Enthusiast 2.00 Malta emmanuelcassar Malta Enthusiasts of Malta
20355. Enthusiast 2.00 Brazil DevilSSSlayer Brazil Enthusiasts of Brazil
20356. Enthusiast 2.00 France Blipeur France Enthusiasts of France