HWBOT World Tour 2015 General Information

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HWBOT World Tour 2015 General Information

The HWBOT World Tour

Welcome to the HWBOT World Tour, a series of overclocking events held around the globe that aims to provide a relaxed social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete. The idea is primarily to nurture the next generation of overclockers with open OC workshops where total amateurs can get some first hands-on experience and learn vital tricks and tweaks from more seasoned players. Of course no OC event would be complete without some competitive action so each stop on the tour offers contests that cater for all levels and abilities, as well as providing a platform for some seriously extreme overclocking. The LN2 flows freely.

Each stop on the HWBOT World Tour features three elements:

  • An Extreme OC gathering (BYOC Bench Party)
  • A World Series competition (exclusive to those attending the above)
  • A World Series for Amateurs event with OC initiation workshop (open to all visitors)

HWBOT World Tour 2015 Dates

North America, March 6-8: LanETS – Montreal, Canada

The first stop on the HWBOT World Tour is at LanETS on March 6-8, the largest Lan Party on the North American East Coast. With more than 1,000 gamers attending each year, LanETS is a prime opportunity for the overclocking community to connect with PC and gaming enthusiasts. The three day event hosts two World Series contests, each tailored to address a broad skill base that spans Amateur to Extreme. Overclocking workshops and contests run during the event with the help of key sponsors Overclock.net, Microbytes, DimasTech, Praxair and OverClocking-TV.

Both the Workshop and World Series contests for Amateurs are open to all free of charge. For $80 USD participants can join three days of unlimited LN2 overclocking, as well as the chance to participate in the HWBOT World Series competition.

Learn more: http://hwbot.org/news/11757_hwbot_world_tour_kicks_off_first_stop_north_america_lan_ets_in_montreal_canada_march_6_8/.

Europe, April 4-6: Gamers Assembly – Poitiers, France

The second stop of the World Tour is at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers on April 4-6, the largest Lan Party in France. Around 2,000 gamers are expected this year so Gamers Assembly is an excellent opportunity for the overclocking community to connect with PC and gaming enthusiasts not just from France, but also from Europe. We expect the attendance of some of Europe’s most well known and respected overclockers.

A venture like this would be not be possible however without the valued commitment of its key partners Cowcotland, DimasTech and OC-TV.

Learn more: http://hwbot.org/news/11819_hwbot_world_tour_continues_second_stop_europe_gamers_assembly_in_poitiers_france_april_4_6/

Asia, June 6-8: Computex – Taipei Taiwan

The third stop of the HWBOT World Tour, this time in Asia! From June 6 to 8 you can join us for three days of non-stop overclocking at the MakerBar in Taipei, Taiwan on the days that follow the Computex 2015 trade show. Similar to the other World Tour stops, the Asia stop features three events: Extreme OC gathering (BYOC Bench Party), World Series competition (exclusive to those attending the above), and ASUS ROG OC Showdown Area (in which you can overclock for WR, cash and fame).

The HWBOT World Tour Asia stop is brought to you by HWBOT and partners: ASUS ROG, HyperX, Seasonic, DimasTech, and OverClocking-TV.

Learn more: http://hwbot.org/news/12010_hwbot_world_tour_2015_asia_computex_stop_announced/

Pitch a Tour Stop

Due to popular demand and an incredibly positive response from the OC community, HWBOT is looking to add more dates and locations to the HWBOT World Tour 2015. Feel to contact HWBOT with suggestions for expanding the World Tour to other parts of the world.

For World Tour suggestions or any questions regarding HWBOT and the World Tour in general, please contact us at: contact@hwbot.org.

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