Sandy-Bridge news update: Sub-6s 1M at 6250MHz and 7GHz theoretically possible!

The Coolaler forums are known for the pre-NDA news updates of upcoming hardware releases, especially when it comes to Intel hardware. With the upcoming Sandy-bridge, they have again leaked some results.

The most important results, for us overclockers, are without any doubt the 7.488s at 5GHz SuperPI 1M. This means that a result below 6 seconds could be possible at only 6.25GHz, which is significantly lower than the current 7GHz requirement.

Next to that, we see that the maximum CPU ratio is no longer the 57x we all feared, but has been increased to at least 65x. Taking into account the rather limited BCLK overclocking capabilities, we can estimate a theoretical maximum frequency of 65x110MHz = 7150MHz. Of course, we hope the BCLK frequency will not be limited as rumours seem to tell us.

Screenshots below.

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