Boil Your Computer! - 'Immersion Cooling' = 'Impressive Cooling'

Pretty cool stuff!

In the lab we are always experimenting and looking for ways to improve our technologies and bring better, more versatile systems to our customers. Just recently we wrote a editorial article for an industry trade publication regarding this experiment, and it seemed like an interesting topic for this month's Martin's Corner as well.

The idea of cooling computers through liquid submersion, has been around for about 50 years... but it has been generally reserved for the more exotic supercomputers and never really caught with mainstream users. Perhaps it's because we in the technology world are all wired at an almost primal level to believe that: "Liquid + Computers = BAD". In any case, the concept is slowly catching on, particularly with some in the video gaming community who are using mineral oils as a non-conductive liquid to totally submerge a computer in. The mineral oil idea is interesting... but I can't imagine the unholy mess that comes about when it's time to upgrade or make a change, plus, mineral oil isn't exactly the best for heat exchange.


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