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Currently HWBOT is not hiring new staff. Keep an eye on the front-page; everytime we hire new staff it is announced!

If you don’t care about the availability of job openings and are so determined to become new staff, you would even invent a new job position to help out this site, feel free to check out our forums to discuss new job positions or give us ideas to improve HWBOT. If you want to keep your great idea a secret so no one else takes your job position you can always drop us a mail at jobs@hwbot.org.

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  1. I see many wrong entries daily … if you fix your bug reporting script (coz’ it shown “Crap, an error occured” each time I report wrong entry) – then you won’t need extra result moderators ;)

  2. Have you made to a decision??
    frederikcolardyn send me an email almost ago telling me that he will tell me the decision but until now I haven’t got anything

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