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Contribute – HWBOT Content Site

Contribute is a community-centric overclocking website and organization which hosts an overclocking and benchmark database. Our mission is to affect, innovate and grow the overclocking community via our services. The majority of the work and passion comes from a dedicated group of volunteer overclocking enthusiasts. Without the effort and dedication of those volunteers it would simply not be possible to have HWBOT work the way it works. We want to thank each and every person involved in the growth of HWBOT and the overclocking community.

If you want to get involved in the overclocking community and HWBOT, you can find the different community activist roles below. Get in touch with Leeghoofd if you’re interested in filling any of these roles to learn more.


Community Advisory Board and Moderators

The Community Advisors and Moderators maintain the overall result database and provide feedback input on all things related to HWBOT.

RussiaAntinomyHardware Database ManagerRussiasend PM
GermanyDon_DanResult moderatorGermanysend PM
USAGunslingerForum moderatorUSAsend PM
NorwayKnopflerBruceResult moderatorNorwaysend PM
BelgiumLeeghoofdHead Result moderatorBelgiumsend PM
RussiaNeoForceResult moderatorRussiasend PM
IranOlesiusResult moderatorIransend PM
GermanyStrunkenboldResult moderatorGermanysend PM
GermanyStummerwinterResult moderatorGermanysend PM
ArgentiaSweetResult moderatorArgentinasend PM
GermanyWebsmileResult moderatorGermanysend PM
AustraliaYoungproPCMark05 moderatorAustraliasend PM

Local Representatives

Local Representatives are in charge of connecting local communities to HWBOT and find opportunities to elevate overclocking in their region to the next level.

ArgentinaSweetArgentinaemail or send private message
BrazilGnidaolBrazilsend PM
ColombiaSaint19Colombiasend PM
Czech RepAerouCzech Republicemail or send private message
EgyptAhmed HelalColombiaemail or send private message
GermanyDer8auerGermanyemail or send private message
IndiaSumonpathakIndiaemail or send private message
IranOlesiusIranemail or send private message
ItalyPixyItalyEmail or send private message
KazakhstanTerraRaptorKazakhstanEmail or send private message
SwitzerlandChristian NeySwitzerlandemail or send private message
RussiaNeoforceRussiaEmail or send private message
NorwayKnopflerbruceNorwayEmail or send private message
CanadaTrouffmanCanadaEmail or send private message


Contributing to HWBOT

Contributors help out with specific projects. The project type varies from translation work, to helping with the organization of overclocking events or even simply carrying the message of HWBOT to local regions. Below you can find a list of the Contributors and an overview of the on-going projects you can contribute to. If you’re interested in contributing to these projects or have new project ideas, get in touch with Timothée.

For all contributors we have added a special HWBOT Achievement. Any contibution to the project will unlock this badge!


Ongoing Projects

  • Site translation: localization of the site by translating the interface in to different languages.
  • Video tutorial translation: translate the subtitles of the benchmark validation tutorial guide videos produced to teach overclockers how to make a valid submission.


Site Translation

HungaryAdam KovacsSubaruwrcTranslator (HU)
FranceAdrien WendlingStrategosSanTranslator (FR)
BelgiumAlbrecht MesottenLeeghoofdTranslator (NL)
EgyptAhmed MohamedHead Translator (AR_EG)
EgyptAli KarimkhaniOlesiusHead Translator (IR)
ItalyCiro SdinoCiro SdinoHead Translator (IT)
GermanyDaniel ShrierDancopTranslator (DE)
ChinaDruid SuTranslator (CN_ZH)
ChinaElvis LiuHead Translator (CN_ZH)
ColombiaGermán Lópezsaint19Head Translator (ES)
ColombiaGunawanGunawanHead Translator (ID)
AustriaJosephBascoHead Translator (DE)
IndonesiaHendra WijayaColdestHead Translator (ID)
brazilIuri Alves Andrade BalzanaGnidaolHead Translator (BR)
SerbiaFilip LukačCodin HardwareHead Translator (SRB)
SwitzerlandMarine AgostiMarineOCTranslator (FR)
EgyptMohammad RamzyHead Translator (AR_EG)
FranceMoïn DanaiDreadlockyxLanguage Checker (FR)
BelgiumPascal MichielsTeemtoHead Translator (NL)
DenmarkPhillip Schjeldal HansenSchjeldaldkTranslator (DK)
BelgiumPieter-Jan PlaisierMassmanTranslator (NL)
FranceSacha ZolynskiS4ch4ZTranslator (FR)
ItalySimone TodonBankaiTranslator (IT)
JapanTakahiro ShimizuSHIMIZUHead Translator (JP)
ItalyValerio CarpaniCarpo93Translator (IT)
RomaniaVictor CodinGeniebenHead Translator (RO)
FranceAkaneHead Translator (FR)
UkraineDanKadrHead Translator (IW)
UkraineStingeryar Head Translator (UA)
GermanyStrunkenboldTranslator (DE)
FranceV i N kTranslator (BR)
FranceWizertyTranslator (FR)

Video Tutorial Translation

PolandDariusz OlenderekD3moxTranslator (PL)
ChinaElvis LiuTranslator (CN_ZH)
brazilIuri Alves Andrade BalzanaGnidaolTranslator (BR)
GermanyJosephBascoTranslator (DE)
BelgiumPascal MichielsTeemtoTranslator (NL)
IranPoorya ShabaniPooryaTranslator (IR)
RomaniaVictor CodinGeniebenTranslator (RO)
FranceAkaneTranslator (FR)
RussianAntinomyTranslator (RU)
GreekTASOSTranslator (GR)

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Russian Federation phantom.ololo says:

"send PM" links goes to 404 error

Belgium leeghoofd says:

you got pm

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

On 3/5/2020 at 7:24 AM, Leeghoofd said:

you got pm

You sure it didn't 404?


Japan Broken APEX49 says:

Cannot register score to keeph8n's ACGC -LGA1151 farewell-SuperPi-32M with BenchMate

Belgium leeghoofd says:

send me the benchmate datafile plz Broken Apex49

Japan Broken APEX49 says:

keeph8n's ACGC -LGA1151 at farewell Please tell me how to submit the score Is it different from uploading images so far? Is my uploading problem the only one?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

you have to use benchmate as stated in the rules. After you ran the benchmark, save it via the benchmate application.

Look for the benchmate/result folder. In there you will find the data file you need to submit ( this is not the jpg file)

Go to the competition page and use the required datafile 

Japan Broken APEX49 says:

I've acknowledged

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