HWBOT Competition Engine (HCE) 2013-2014

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HWBOT Competition Engine (HCE) 2013-2014 – HWBOT Content Site

HWBOT Competition Engine (HCE) 2013-2014

(based on document v2)


The HWBOT Competition Engine (“HCE”) was built to help overclocking communities host their internal forum challenges. After the first conceptualization in 2009, HWBOT decided to make this feature more flexible so it could also be used for global overclocking competitions. HCE is in essence nothing more than an extension of the HWBOT engine. This means that participation, rankings, results and everything else related to the competition is built on the same foundations as the normal rankings and competitions at HWBOT. This way, participating users understand how the competition works in an instant.

One very important aspect of HCE-based competitions is that we do not force anyone to participate. By this, we mean that every single submission to the competition was submitted by the user and not at random. The participation figures are indicating actual participation rates. Or else, every single participant of a HCE competition is active and interested!

At the moment of writing, August 1 2013, HWBOT has hosted 150 competitions featuring over 550 stages, engaged 2109 unique overclockers from 81 countries to submit over 18,000 results. Our most successful competitions include the HWBOT Country Cup 2011 with over 1,000 overclocking results submitted. HCE exists since 2009, and has been used to host prestigious online competitions and qualifiers for industry-leading companies such as Intel, GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI, GSKill and ASRock.

1) HWBOT Competition Engine Features

A typical online competition hosted by HCE may consist of the following features

  • Competition ranking
  • Competition stage
  • Stage limitations
  • Achievements
  • Prizes
  • Competition news
  • Competition page custom artwork

Basic package details

  • Competition configuration
    • Maximum 3 stages
    • Maintain default point algorithm
    • Maximum running time of 1 month
    • RSS feed to include results and standings on external site
  • Competition news
    • Mail
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Forum
  • Artwork (free, if provided by competition organizer)
  • Prizes (as provided by competition organizer)
  • Result moderation (submissions are checked against HWBOT rules by the staff, winning scores are re-verified at end of competition)
  • HCE extensions details

    • Custom ranking logic (not using F1 style point algorithm)
    • Custom benchmark (not part of HWBOT suite)
    • More than 3 stages or longer than 3 months

    2) HCE Live!

    For live overclocking competitions, the HWBOT Competition Engine offers a variety of services that makes managing the competition easier. The HCE Live! package includes the following features:

    • Basic package (includes a competition page with features described under section HCE Features , Basic package details)
    • Artwork package
    • Frontpage package (display the live scoreboard on the HWBOT frontpage)
    • Management cost (depends on competition duration)

    Travel and hotel cost is not included in the package pricing, and depends on the location of the live competition. The HCE Live! requires minimum one HWBOT staff member to be present on the premise to manage the scoreboard.

    For more information and detailed pricing, please contact us at contact@hwbot.org or pieter@hwbot.org

    Examples of HCE competitions

    1) Custom Artwork Competition Page



    2) Competition Listing


    3) Competition Submission


    4) News Item Example


    5) Live Scoreboard on Competition Page


    6) Live Scoreboard on Front Page


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