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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
79314. Enthusiast 1.00 United States maciasparra.ivan United States Enthusiasts of United States
79315. Enthusiast 1.00 United States yearlingchuy United States Enthusiasts of United States
79316. Enthusiast 1.00 United States samhoward50b United States Enthusiasts of United States
79317. Enthusiast 1.00 Switzerland Realnessus Switzerland Enthusiasts of Switzerland
79318. Enthusiast 1.00 United States MrFu709 United States Enthusiasts of United States
79319. Novice 1.00 Romania coco_bot1 Romania Novices of Romania
79320. Enthusiast 1.00 Canada charles.ss.mcclure Canada Enthusiasts of Canada
79321. Enthusiast 1.00 Hungary virtualt Hungary Enthusiasts of Hungary
79322. Enthusiast 1.00 Russian Federation danieldefoakka Russian Federation Enthusiasts of Russian Federation
79323. Enthusiast 1.00 Hungary karvalyt Hungary Enthusiasts of Hungary
79324. Enthusiast 1.00 Romania nasulet Romania Enthusiasts of Romania
79325. Enthusiast 1.00 United Kingdom pawlowski United Kingdom Enthusiasts of United Kingdom
79326. Enthusiast 1.00 Poland Sigvall Poland Enthusiasts of Poland
79327. Enthusiast 1.00 United States alejandro.hidalgo.moreno
79328. Enthusiast 1.00 United Arab Emirates g0n United Arab Emirates Enthusiasts of United Arab Emirates
79329. Enthusiast 1.00 Denmark jonashansen98 Denmark Enthusiasts of Denmark
79330. Enthusiast 1.00 France Foxdek France Enthusiasts of France
79331. Enthusiast 1.00 Italy Giacous Italy Enthusiasts of Italy
79332. Enthusiast 1.00 Argentina CRELIAS Argentina Enthusiasts of Argentina
79333. Novice 1.00 India prabhat2310 India Novices of India