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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
50841. Novice 1.50 Italy nerones77 Italy Novices of Italy
50842. Novice 1.50 United States 2minator United States Novices of United States
50843. Rookie 1.50 Australia calmay Australia Rookies of Australia
50844. Enthusiast 1.50 China fallfail China Enthusiasts of China
50845. Enthusiast 1.50 Argentina neoanselmo Argentina Enthusiasts of Argentina
50846. Novice 1.50 Italy ETZ Italy Novices of Italy
50847. Novice 1.50 United Kingdom meebao United Kingdom Novices of United Kingdom
50848. Novice 1.50 United States CyberJesus United States Novices of United States
50849. Enthusiast 1.50 Germany Markus3477 Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
50850. Enthusiast 1.50 Russian Federation konstantinlikes Russian Federation Enthusiasts of Russian Federation
50851. Novice 1.50 United States lgmaj68 United States Novices of United States
50852. Enthusiast 1.50 Slovakia Toxic_Lion Slovakia Enthusiasts of Slovakia
50853. Enthusiast 1.50 United States keysta75 United States Enthusiasts of United States
50854. Enthusiast 1.50 Germany OsPrEy Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
50855. Enthusiast 1.50 Turkmenistan ovezov.guvanch Turkmenistan Enthusiasts of Turkmenistan
50856. Enthusiast 1.50 United States artistrywebdesign United States Enthusiasts of United States
50857. Enthusiast 1.50 Brazil JefGeske Brazil Enthusiasts of Brazil
50858. Novice 1.50 Peru zetzabre Peru Novices of Peru
50859. Apprentice 1.50 China raymondlei81 China apprentice overclockers of China
50860. Rookie 1.50 Brazil Vicalm Brazil Rookies of Brazil