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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
24238. Enthusiast 13.40 United States jaymule840 United States Enthusiasts of United States
24239. Enthusiast 13.40 United States pgkraus United States Enthusiasts of United States
24240. Enthusiast 13.40 France isisky France Tom's Hardware
24241. Enthusiast 13.40 Turkey Akinau Turkey Enthusiasts of Turkey
24242. Novice 13.40 Hong Kong anggus18 Hong Kong Novices of Hong Kong
24243. Rookie 13.40 Poland daw8851 Poland Rookies of Poland
24244. Enthusiast 13.40 United States dave21740 United States Enthusiasts of United States
24245. Enthusiast 13.40 Spain ismajsesma Spain Enthusiasts of Spain
24246. Enthusiast 13.40 United States lllRUSTlll United States Enthusiasts of United States
24247. Enthusiast 13.40 Germany j.p.tribess Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
24248. Enthusiast 13.40 South Africa EnigmaMods South Africa Enthusiasts of South Africa
24249. Enthusiast 13.40 Germany grim.black.75 Germany Enthusiasts of Germany
24250. Enthusiast 13.40 United States eduard.caliman74
24251. Rookie 13.40 United States knoctum United States Rookies of United States
24252. Enthusiast 13.40 France Destroys21 France Enthusiasts of France
24253. Enthusiast 13.40 United States strudinox United States GND-Tech
24254. Enthusiast 13.40 New Zealand WellingtonNzPc New Zealand Enthusiasts of New Zealand
24255. Enthusiast 13.40 United Kingdom RPT22265 United Kingdom Enthusiasts of United Kingdom
24256. Novice 13.40 France clem35 France Novices of France
24257. Enthusiast 13.40 United States Psych0ticj3ster United States Enthusiasts of United States