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World Ranking: #8 out of 241541 in worldwide ranking
精英联盟: 在 精英 联盟中的232中排名15
国家级 Medal #99914中的4 在United States
战队: Cup Gold 在 Slinky PC 中的6中排名1

硬件大师: 在123748中排名22

Global Masters: Medal #4 out of 123748

成就 58/104 解锁

挑战: 0/0 赢了
World Ranking: 1,790.2 in World Ranking
Road To Pro competitions / 2 190 in past year
Top 10 official competitions 11 in past year
Top 15 Benchmark/Global/Hardware Points 1,589.2
精英联盟: 3,138.1 in 精英联盟
Top 15 Global + Benchmark Points 1,740.1
Top 40 Hardware Points 1,398
战队能量分: 30,207.3 为战队赢得了 (GTPP 和: HTPP)

世界纪录 252.6赢得了世界纪录
全球级: 4,393.4赢得了测试程序排名
硬件 11,077.7赢得了硬件排名
比赛: 1,218赢得了比赛
总得分: 16,941.7总得分


How to build a Dream Machine with 20% boosted performance for 50% less money?!! Request nickname change "impossible result" and join my Team.
"More 3D 4Less" tweak by Slinky PC released in name of art.
Veniamin A.K.A. © HUMAN SLINKY ®


22 七月 16
Be #1 of Your Overclockers League
20 一月 16
contribute 10000 points to your team
8 六月 17
Collect 1000 golden cups
22 四月 17
Collect 1500 cups and medals


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