Team MLG`s Profile

Position ranking
Worldwide: #14 of 4905
National: #1 of 139 in United Kingdom

Achievements: 18/35 unlocked

Members: 90
Elite: 3 (1 active)
Extreme: 14 (9 active)
Apprentice: 8 (7 active)
Enthusiast: 57 (6 active)
Novice: 8 (3 active)
Points earned
User points: 460.2 + 8,506.2 + 57,313 + 388 (WR + GL + HW + EP)
Power points: 13,415.5 + 42,041.2 (GL + HW)
Total points: 62,123.44 (PP + UP/10)

About Us

Visit us at to get help with all things PC, general chat in a laid back atmosphere or news on future MLG events.

Please make sure you read the rules for each benchmark before making a submission and if you have any questions ask a team captain or a hwbot mod.

For people coming to the team meets don't forget:
Monitor (with any power/video cables)
Pots for LN2
Blow torch/heatgun/hairdyer
Insulation Materials
All your hardware
Spare HDD/SSD with cloned OS in case you break windows with oc
PSU and cables
USB Stick for uploading/saving scores or getting os and drivers
Thermal Paste

Optional things:
Spare pots or hardware like boards or mems people can borrow

Team history

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