Recent team submissions with points:

  Benchmark Score User Frequency Hardware Cooling WR GL HW CP
1. 3DMark2001 SE 113188 marks Germany Matti OC 950/1052 MHz 3x GeForce GTX 580 Stock 0pts Medal 9.7pts Cup Gold 2pts 0pts 0   0
2. Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset 875.02 DX11 Marks Germany P.A.S.S.A.T 1050/1195 MHz Radeon HD 6870 H2O 0pts 0pts 0.6pts 0pts 0   0
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No interesting submissions today.

OC-Team Europe statistics

The total amount of points gathered by OC-Team Europe members. Unlike for users, hardware points are not limited to 300.

HWBOT points history chart of OC-Team Europe.

Amount of overclocking submissions.