French Legion members

French Legion has 18 members which have contributed to the team total points. Wizerty has contributed the most, with a total of 6188.6 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

If you want to contact them, leave a message on their wall. To assign additional team captains, add the role using the search members functionality.

Member Of The Month December.

hyve made 68 submissions, worth 194.1 points, which earned him the title of member of the month December.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
Razwar 12 submissions worth 311.6 points
darkgregor 4 submissions worth 204.9 points
rm3113 7 submissions worth 41.1 points
hyve 29 submissions worth 24.6 points
The Silver 3 submissions worth 21.2 points
4 more members submitted in the last month.

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 7,449.78pts flag   Wizerty Elite 6,188.60 12,611.80
2. 3,408.00pts flag   Radi Extreme 2,690.80 7,172.00
3. 2,668.52pts flag   orion24 Extreme 2,184.70 4,838.20
4. 1,693.58pts flag   darkgregor Extreme 1,245.40 4,481.80
5. 1,322.87pts flag   Niuulh Extreme 1,005.80 3,170.70
6. 939.78pts flag   sale_quiche Elite 791.70 1,480.80
7. 697.02pts flag   Razwar Extreme 487.70 2,093.20
8. 635.92pts flag   warper Extreme 464.00 1,719.20
9. 596.16pts flag   hyve Extreme 545.90 502.60
10. 260.69pts flag   Mylth Extreme 125.90 1,347.90
11. 210.22pts flag   Patate Extreme 126.90 833.20
12. 150.13pts flag   The Silver Extreme 105.40 447.30
13. 92.90pts flag   Skylead Extreme 63.20 297.00
14. 91.05pts flag   rm3113 Extreme 41.40 496.50
15. 29.97pts flag   daNE Extreme 21.40 85.70
16. 24.68pts flag   OnyxPetit Novice 18.70 59.80
17. 21.58pts flag   wickpote Novice 11.30 102.80
18. 19.90pts flag   aurion.2358 Novice 7.00 129.00

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Wizerty 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 4x Medal 119x Cup Gold 86x Cup Silver 76x Cup Bronze 84x Medal
2. flag   Radi 4x Cup Gold 1x Cup Bronze 45x Cup Gold 22x Cup Silver 9x Cup Bronze 20x Medal
3. flag   orion24 24x Cup Gold 37x Cup Silver 29x Cup Bronze 32x Medal
4. flag   darkgregor 1x Medal 8x Cup Gold 16x Cup Silver 12x Cup Bronze 25x Medal
5. flag   Niuulh 1x Medal 48x Cup Gold 28x Cup Silver 16x Cup Bronze 14x Medal
6. flag   sale_quiche 3x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 7x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
7. flag   Razwar 11x Cup Gold 12x Cup Silver 18x Cup Bronze 13x Medal
8. flag   warper 15x Cup Gold 8x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 18x Medal
9. flag   hyve 29x Cup Gold 8x Cup Silver 7x Cup Bronze 14x Medal
10. flag   Mylth 7x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 7x Medal
11. flag   Patate 13x Cup Gold 6x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 10x Medal
12. flag   The Silver 10x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
13. flag   Skylead 2x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
14. flag   rm3113 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
15. flag   daNE 2x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 1x Medal
16. flag   OnyxPetit 1x Cup Gold 2x Medal
17. flag   wickpote 1x Cup Gold 1x Medal
18. flag   aurion.2358 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver