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- Elite League

219777 marks mit Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti at 1100/2000MHz

Ranglisten Position


WR Rang:

Cup Silver 2nd von 100


Globaler 1x GPU Rang:

Cup Silver 2nd von 100


GeForce GTX 980 Ti Rang:

Cup Gold 1st von 110

Gewonnene Punkte


3DMark2001 SE screenshot

Hardware Details

CPU Details

  • Model: Intel Core i7 7740X 'Kaby Lake-X'
  • Kühlung: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Geschwindigkeit: 7.100Mhz (+65.12%)

Arbeitsspeicher Details

VGA Details

  • Model: GeForce GTX 980 Ti (GM204-400) Nvidia
  • Kühlung: Air (Stock)
  • Geschwindigkeit: 1.100Mhz (+2.23%) / 2.000Mhz (+14.09%)

Mainboard Details

Festplatten Details

  • Kapazität: 80GB (IDE)

Netzteil Details

  • Hersteller: Corsair
  • Serie: Professional Series Gold
  • Netzteil: 1.500 Watt

Neueste Kommentare

Australia TeamAU Kommentierte sein eigenes Ergebnis:

seems like we finally have an 01 bios

Taiwan Hicookie sagt:

king of nautre!

Luumi sagt:

Where is 220k James?

Australia TeamAU sagt:

220 is waiting for someone else to get 219 first

Australia Dinos22 sagt:

King of mofo 01

Australia zeropluszero sagt:

Hnggg yes please!

Australia BarboneNet sagt:

good job james:)

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm sagt:

Insane result, nice work!

United States Splave sagt:

another one I wont bother benching now :D good work

Germany Dancop sagt:

Really amazing work. Nature is good, but your ch is unbelievable!

Australia TeamAU sagt:

Nah ch is low on this run, 650+ is a good run

Greece $@39@ sagt:

Killing it in legacies as always!!!Great job James!!!

Germany Dancop sagt:

If u call this ch low... Then mine is like negative! Seriously, all other subtests I caught yours, but DAT CH!!!

Australia TeamAU sagt:

Some get close to 660 and LL 2530 etc

Australia Dinos22 sagt:

Hehehe :D

Sweden Rauf sagt:

8pack 680 CH...

Australia TeamAU sagt:


Romania suzuki sagt:

Prerended frames and negative lod,play with these settings and you will improve your results. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

Australia Dinos22 sagt:

8sacks is doing it wrong :D

Sweden Rauf sagt:

Watch the scoreboard today, 01 takedown incoming :nana:

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