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810 mhz avec AMD K6-2+ 550MHz à 810MHz

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  • Modèle: AMD K6-2+ 550MHz 'Chompers'
  • Refroidissement: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Fréquence: 810MHz (+47.27%)
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Détails mémoire

  • Type: 255MB

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  • Modèle: Savage4 PCI (86C397) S3
  • Refroidissement: Air (Stock)
  • Fréquence: 110MHz / 125MHz (Stock)
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  • Capacité: 20GB (IDE)

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Commentaires récents

Belgium Massman dit :


Strunkenbold dit :

Great achievement, congrats!

Belarus Gumanoid dit :

Thanks gues!

upd. Mobo can do 140MHz FSB (attached screenshot)!!!!!! I changed VGA to TNT2U and system started! Golden sample, NO MODS!

Greece TASOS dit :

Congrats for the achievement !!!

You got extremely lucky with both the board and cpu.



Belarus Gumanoid dit :

Tried to get 840MHz ... The processor needs less than -60.. but for Mobo it's too cold.. It starts but can't boot... Try to replace the capacitors with new ones.

Russian Federation GraduS dit :

I have same on giga and diferent cpu...but at -20 and -30...depends on cpu. i think its not mobo limit.


great result!

Belarus max1024 dit :

Congrats ))) WR! Next and last step 840 Mhz!!!

South Africa Skalabala dit :

My P5A-B posts 140Mhz on air haha and has 150Mhz setting :P 900Mhz :D

GUMANOID you are my hero (blush)

Belgium richba5tard dit :

19 year old cpu put to very good use! :D congrats!

Belarus Gumanoid dit :

My P5A-B posts 140Mhz on air haha and has 150Mhz setting :P 900Mhz :D

GUMANOID you are my hero (blush)

I also have in my collection ASUS P5A-B, but officialy this board can only 120MHz FSB... I tried to pick up different positions of jumper and can do only 125MHz FSB. Wich jumpers position for 140MHz FSB?

p.s. My GiGa is stable with 140MHz FSB on air ;p

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