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- Elite League

55789 marks with 4x Nvidia Lightning GeForce GTX 980 Ti at 1800/1953MHz

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16th out of 527


Global 4x GPU rank:

9th out of 74


4x GeForce GTX 980 Ti rank:

Cup Bronze 3rd out of 17

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Catzilla - 1440p screenshot
Rampage V Extreme
Rampage V Extreme
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  • Manufacturer: Antec
  • Series: High Current Pro
  • Power: 1,300 Watt
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Recent Comments

France Wizerty commented on his own score:

Klan-Oc Bench-party. GTX 980Ti Lightning with G.skill ripjaws IV. Powered by antec. Thanks to all my team8 for their help, Strat, CoolFX, Cruzen, Koubbyzzz...

France Oxydgen says:

woooow snow everywere ..


Great !

H2o vs. Ln2 says:

OMG.. so close man! Like It! When you decide to go back to H2o (forget team8) give me a call my friend.

With respeKt, Hwbot team "h2o vs. ln2" (to continue our conversation on the w.r.)

H2o vs. Ln2 says:

P.S. I love your pics, nice to meet you Sir. Wizerty!

I will be never capable to do that... even after spending $3K on my water chiller.. in Florida (365 ambient 24/7 +25C) :P

France Wizerty says:

3k waterchiler OMG. Why so expensive ? You can built one for 500-600$ max :P

Do you have to insulate your card to avoid moisture?

H2o vs. Ln2 says:

Because waterchilers, more that one :)

I start with $500 one that operating at 12-15C at first. After that for any 1C less you will have to pay another $100. For records I use 2.5hp chiller that created 2C air inlet on the rig to avoid any moisture for up to 8 hours stress operating... in Florida (ambient +25C). Using air cooling vcards on the system don't make anymore difference with the water-cooling for me and I am very happy with that even if I am all the time #21 on Elite and make 0 points on any of my submissions. Remember this is a 24/7 (30 mins. break any 8 hours to avoid moisture) at rate $370/month electric bill... even if everything about my desire is "X-TREME" in the final I just talking about efficiency :)

France Wizerty says:

Do you have topic/thread showing your 24/7 rig ? I would like to see it.

370$/month, it's more than my average LN2 bill :P .

H2o vs. Ln2 says:

I do not see any reason why I should show you any topic/thread/rig if cost more there ln2. BTW, those pics are posted in my submissions.

Just to let you know in my first built date 2013 start drastically raining on the pc because my wrong fans setup :) Yes was a real hurricane :(

In Romanian will say "from mistake to mistake for the final victory"... that's way I live the country.

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