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- Elite League

9568 marks with Nvidia Direct CU II GeForce GTX 980 at 2208/2098MHz

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Not a world record...


Global 1x GPU rank:

394th out of 400


GeForce GTX 980 rank:

19th out of 253

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Recent Comments

Sweden elmor commented on his own score:

Nice card

alavadomanuel says:

nice score :) good card

Germany der8auer says:

Damn great work man!

Peru raules009 says:


Russian Federation Ananerbe says:

Good job!

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Asus rulez!


Mr Event is back on his shit, good to see you on the latest 3DMark as always man

South Africa Vivi says:

Sheez 2200 not joking around

France Wizerty says:

2GHz ? not enough.... 2.1Ghz ? not enought... 2.2Ghz OMG

Norway Nassuz says:

...boom ..good stuff, awesome gpuclock. Good work cheers

Germany nfszocker says:

excellent bro;)

Greece Phil says:

Sick clocks!!! Congrats man.

Russian Federation _12_ says:

Wow!!! Congrats, Elmor!

Germany SoF says:

GTX 980 is really nice, and goes nuts in the right hands - awesome work!

United States k|ngp|n says:

Great effort and nice score Jon..

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

amazing card :)

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Nice card indeed! Congrats :)

Germany Dancop says:

Elmor...this is simply amazing!

Denmark zzolio says:

Nice work man

Hiwa says:

Mr, event back in business.

Brazil rafa.prebianca says:

Wow, great!


yeah great card john :)

very good run bro :D vgpu?

Australia Dinos22 says:

nice one elmor

United States steponz says:

pretty damn sweet... what did it do on air?

Sweden elmor says:

Thanks guys!

Vgpu 1.666V
Temp -140

Card did 1525/8500 on air. From our testing there's no relation between air and LN2 clocks. It seems however that cards with stronger memory overclocks perform better on LN2, not 100% certain though.

Sweden gubben says:

Nice one Jon

Bulgaria GunGod says:

+1 Clean setup!

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

Great work Elmor. Ragged!!!

France 2ShEp says:

2.2Ghz ... What else ^^
Nice work ;)

alavadomanuel says:

not prohibited to use win 8.1?

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Sick run! Congratsss

Finland Mean Machine says:

You noob, you stuck the multimeter probe in the DP port.


john did you use indium or simple compound?

Sweden elmor says:

Win 8 is ok with newer SystemInfo versions. Used Gelid paste for this run.

Sweden acana79 says:

Thumbs up! :)

alavadomanuel says:

to thank you for the info :)

Canada Vinster says:

great work, but agree with Alavadomanuel. there is an active thread discussing that windows 8/10 are not allowed. There isn't a mention of an updated sysinfo.

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