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17307 marks with Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti500 at 380/600MHz

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Cup Gold 1st out of 26

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  • Model: GeForce 3 Ti500 (NV20) Nvidia
  • Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Speed: 380MHz (+58.33%) / 600MHz (+140.00%)
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Recent Comments

Greece Stelaras commented on his own score:

Dedicated to my friend Massman ! :D

Belgium Massman says:


Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Impressive. These cards really need an external power.

Mine could do 340, but not in all tests, so I gave up.

No time for zombie, because I need to make the "e-power" first :)

Germany Don_Dan says:

Great score!

Also good to see those red Cellshock in action! :)

Greece Stelaras says:

Thanks guys .

I love modding and "discovering mods" . :D


I tried 3 cards but i couldn't find one with 600+ memories . Is it so hard ?

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Yes, out of 5 different models GF3's I have only one that does above 600.

Maybe a specific chips to look for, but I don't have enough knowledge about these cards.


Speaking about gpus though, mine could run 330-340 nature on LN2, but other tests were limited to 290-ish. Any higher and the screen goes into "color blocks on black screen" mode.

Greece Stelaras says:

I used around 1.8V . How high did you go with yours ?

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

1.7-1.75, higher was making it worse, but with epower it could handle 1.8+ I think.

Greece Stelaras says:

No , because my card was able to get up to 1.85V . Higher and it was losing clocks . I tried up to 1.95V . It's not a power hungry card ... Not at all .


I just used epower because i sometimes find it much easier & faster to install , than modding the card in regular ways (trimmers etc) . Especially when you don't know what you're going to find (like protections for example)

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Well, might be it just needs some more caps or to replace the existing ones, but I had that thing on 3 cards.

And I remember the same was happening on GT3 when benched 3DM03:


And 40MHz is a really big difference, maybe your card is just that great or I'm missing something.

Did you try another card on cold?


All I have tried on air usually get into the 270-280 range.

Looking at the charts, only poparamiro managed 290 out of it and it's a non-reference design. It even has a power connector. Maybe that's the card to look for.

Greece Stelaras says:

I only had two cards . The 2nd one was around 10Mhz worse in memories aircooled.

I only froze one card (the best of two) . Max air clocks around 270 , like yours (but unmodded)

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Not sure what is the max without mods, I had it modded from some of the previous competitions.

I think it was 272 without mods and 284 with mods

Maybe I should try older drivers, that might be the problem.

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