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8370.37 mhz with Intel Celeron D 347 at 8370.4MHz

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  • Model: Intel Celeron D 347 'Cedar Mill-512'
  • Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Batch: 3709A270
  • Speed: 8,370.37MHz (+173.01%)
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China wytiwx commented on his own score:

Previous 8398MHz Celly 347, no CB, no CBB. Crazy Freq for P45. Real valid Vcore was 2.111V. Mobo did FSB 800 mod, the most important mod for Celly, also did Vmod, Vdroop mod and OVP mod. Use Avexir Memory.

Poland ludek says:

You are back! :) Nice score.

China wytiwx says:

You are back! :) Nice score.


Too busy to bin my Cellys. Have seen my 8524MHz in CPU-Z Records :D

Next time will try suiside 8533MHz, which need really high Vcore...

United States mllrkllr88 says:

Would you please post your pinmod pictures? The ones you did post over at XS are not showing up anymore. Is it similar to this one: attachment.php?attachmentid=1973&d=1393874674&thumb=1

Poland ludek says:

Oh, that's my photo :) Well, maybe I can help you. I was doing it wrong here, because the most important thing is to realize that you have to cheat a motherboard, not a CPU. Insulation of these CPU pins is the key. you can also cut BSEL paths on motherboard PCB.


...or you can also just buy a "better" motherboard eg. P5E :)



Sorry I can't find my data "BSEL MOD", but will try to find those in next week. Maybe I can translate something usefull to english :) I'll let you know

Poland ludek says:

try to copy-paste photo links to

United States mllrkllr88 says:

Thanks for the reply! I insulated the CPU pins with double sided sticky tape then put aluminium foil on the tape. I did the same mod as you, but it does not is my picture.



thanks for your help!

Poland ludek says:

OK. I had to do some research. I was doing this ~2 years ago. My biggest question was:

1 - can I connect all the pins (on motherboard socket) between BSELx and VCC (or VSS)?

2 - is insulation of some pins critical?

3 - are there differences between (pinouts) LGA775 "P45-revision" and that older (eg. Asus Commando LGA775 "P965-revision")?

4 - what if I short some pins on CPU grid array?





1 - I still don't know

2 - I still don't know, but I think it is

3 - I thing there are some differences, maybe this is why my 133->166 bsel was working (or just ignored!) on Asus Commando, and Tpower I45 was'nt working with this mod.

4 - you don't want to short out GND and VCC pins. Maybe connecting some signal pins would not kill motherboard or CPU, but just be carefull.




It also turned out that I have never done this mod on Biostar Tpower. It was 5 or 6 attempts. I don't know exacly if was my EP45-UD3R able to run with correctly working mod.




I have actually a good idea to do your BSEL mod, but:

- it's possible to destroy your mobo

- you would have to use soldering iron




but first post the bottom side of your's motherboard socket 775. Than you should just

1.insulate BSEL pins on the CPU

2.shrr exact vias and solder 2 wires: "BSEL0" via to GND (maybe use 100 Ohm resistor to avoid eventual short circuit) and "BSEL1" to VCC (vCore - just capacitor)


disadvantage of this sollution is the permanent construction and the possibility to wires could fall off (so it's nice sollution to glue wires to the PCB (using "gelatinous" glue, not that solid one)).




bottom - just find out, which vias are the BSEL pins

(you can use ohm-meter (multimeter with beeep option would be the best :) )






transformer soldering iron




you better use this:


resistive soldering iron



important advices:



.absolutely critical is to do this mod with your tongue at a right angle

.use a red wire to VCC and black wire to connect GND signals. Otherwise the electrons will not know what to do. :)





have you measured resistance between pins? Maybe you have shorted something? Maybe it's eg. 4kOhm between grids and it's not enough to make motherboard think that it's a HIGH signal or LOW signal? Feel free to ask.


///Still if I was on your situation, I would rather buy X38/X48 based Asus motherboard with DDR3 support //

United States mllrkllr88 says:

I am an engineering technician and I solder very small scale surface mount components all day long and I can use the $10K soldering station at work.

Here is my mb:



I am looking to get a used board. I have a deal on a Rampage Formula for $100, but I would like to get a P5E3...they seem to be very rare tho. What board would you recommend?

Slovenia ogblaz says:

Hi, Iam about to attack celeron 347 for my frequency record, I have a Asus P5Q Pro turbo, whats with this pinmod? Do I need one, I tried searching online but found nothing. Thanks for your help.

Poland ludek says:

If you do a research on HWBot scores database, it turns out that only good choose are Asus motherboards with DDR3 and X48 (or X38) chipset. Try get P5E3 Premium, P5E64 WS Evolution, P5E3 Pro, P5E3 Deluxe (X38) or Rampage Extreme (afaik not Cedar mill support).


Here in Poland there's a very popular website Allegro, there's a few of P5E3 xx motherboards. LINK (1 USD ~= 4 zł (4 PLN) ). So here you can have this (P5E3 series with ddr3) mobo for ~60 bucks :)


X48 has better IMC (integrated memory controller) than X38 (well, it's not that big difference, but if you pushing performance to the limits, it's just better).

DDR3 are better when compare to DDR2 (in general, but when old CPU, it could be even equal performance, look at P4's scores)




If you are engineer, and if you have expirience with SMD soldering, you should'nt have any problems finding those pins, i'm too lazy to look at scheme now :) It's not that hard to do this mod. Just scratch lacquer on the proper vias and make the two of them (bsel0 and 1) them solderable. Then connect wires in order high or low signal. At the end just insulate BSEL pins on CPU (between CPU dot and motherboard socket) and it's it. It could be a problem with starting CPU overclocked +50%, so it's worth to consider vCore mod or VID pinmod to add some voltage.



@ogblaz - BSEL mod helps to "cheat" your motherboard to think that your Celeron D Cedar Mill CPU is not 533 FSB, but 800 FSB. P45 motherboards doesn't want to work in general with 533 FSB CPUs. If you don't want to spend your money do this mod. I prefer however buy a new motherboard, P5E3 Premium would be the best.

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