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16055 marks with AMDLightning Radeon HD 7970 at 1755/2020MHz

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  • Manufacturer: MSI
  • Model: Z77A-GD65
  • Cooling: Standard Stock Cooling
  • Chipset: Z77

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  • Capacity: 64GB (IDE)

Power details

  • Manufacturer: Antec
  • Series: High Current Pro
  • Power: 1,200 Watt

Recent Comments

Poland Xtreme Addict commented on his own score:

My LGA2011 failed :(

Denmark M.Beier says:

16K single VGA, congrats!!!

Indonesia ekky jengkol says:

wow...superb score... great job

TJB_SC says:

WTF! 16k single, great result!

Poland Yotomeczek says:

Wow - another WR from Poland :)

South Africa Vivi says:


K404 says:

BOOM!!!! 16K!!!

Congrats dude!!!

Brazil Rbuass says:

Congratz Michal

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

It's OVER 16000 !!!!! *bow with respect*

South Africa DrWeez says:


Ukraine cyclone says:

should be quite reachable -)
monster score!

Italy Andrix85 says:

Nice run...:) Not much difference between 3960X and 3770K. The higher frequency of 3770K is better than 6 cores of 3960X. Good

Eeky NoX says:

Intense!!! BOOOM!!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

You dropped the bomb on MOA qualifying charts :) Excellent work !!

Montenegro Perica_barii says:

Great performance by you, well deserved, congrats on WR and ticket to final...

United States Q56_Monster says:

Thar she blows..You weren't kidding around with that backup :D Congrats Mike!

Denmark riska says:

Nice score and great with new drivers with alot off boost in performence

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

My god!!! Great score , Crazy card , sick clock, amazing job , congratulation addict;) ..... what the Hell is happeing to EMEA?

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Sweet sweet sweet!!

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Mehdi_FXX said: My god!!! Great score , Crazy card , sick clock, amazing job , congratulation addict;) ..... what the Hell is happeing to EMEA?

We are best overclockers (EMEA) that's all :D (joke mode off now :P)

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

Xtreme Addict said: We are best overclockers (EMEA) that's all :D (joke mode off now :P)



aside kidding this EMEA gets to Rock! I`ve never seen online competition like this

Spain [DRACO] says:


Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Just a perfect work man, it´s really nice watch score crazzy like that!! AMAZING !!!

Hungary subaruwrc says:

HOLY SH...........T :D
awesome, just awesome
snb-e is nowhere clap clap

Chile Alex_AMD says:

OMG (0_0)

India thebanik says:

Wow awesome score and a great way to secure your position in the final.......

Russian Federation Mefist0 says:

its insane man! congrats!

Germany Blackbolt says:

Wow 16K very nice;)

Kazakhstan bit1der says:

Firs 16K - congrats!

Poland myrddin669 says:

wielkie brawa!!!

Hiwa says:

holy shift

Australia hellshealer says:

me like ALOT! score is NUTZ

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