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8160.94 mhz with Intel Celeron D 352 at 8160.9MHz

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  • Model: Intel Celeron D 352 'Cedar Mill-512'
  • Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Batch: 5647B641
  • Speed: 8,160.94MHz (+155.03%)
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  • Cooling: Air (Stock)
  • Type: unknown

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Recent Comments

China wytiwx commented on his own score:

After testing 30+ Celerons, my 8GHz dream finally comes ture. oh yeath, XD. LN2 Pot: Koolance CPU-LN2-V2. mobo: GA-EP35-DS4( PCB REV: 2.1, BIOS Version: F5 ). EP35-DS4 can boot at -180C with Cedarmill. The VGA driver is not installed. Sorry for my poor English.

Belgium Massman says:


Germany Hyperhorn says:

Great - especially with an EP35-DS4, which isn't a typical board to enter the Netburst 8 GHz club. Congratulations!

Christian Ney says:

lol, using Koolance CPU LN2 Pot and GA-EP35-DS4. Must have been hardcore. I love that, great achievement well deserved

Germany Blackbolt says:

Nice Result,the Socket 775 are not Dead,very nice;)

NoMS says:

[X] Unlock 8GHz Achievement in hardest mode. :P

Well done sir.

TaPaKaH says:

only 20 chips, you're lucky! what's the batch and PCB of this one?

United States Hondacity says:

unbelievable! thats a crazy board. i have bad cb on my boards.

Brazil Raul SDT says:

Amazing one dude...P35 FTW !

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

8 the hard way, great job!

France Radi says:

very good 775 is the best !

Iran Mr. DB! says:

VERY NICE! Cedar Mill IS BACK!! :D

xbeaTX says:


China wytiwx says:

Actually, I tried 35 Celeron chips. But I think I am still lucky.


The Batch of my CD 352 is 5647B641. The PCB code of my CD 352 is 3565216&3A2019


The thermal paste I used is almost the worst paste, only 5 RMB/20 gram(0.8 Dollar/20 gram). I think I can get higher freq. if I use better thermal paste.


The mobo is not in good condition, because there are only 5 phases for CPU Power supply

TaPaKaH says:

there are so many "obstacles" in this score :D


- all 564xB China I had or heard of were amongst the poorest clockers

- P35 is not the best chipset for suicide validations, at least on ASUS boards I was getting random walls around 7.6-7.8 even with 8G pretested chips

- Gigabyte boards are not popular for CPU-Z validation

- Koolance pot with crap paste


do you have any non-LN2 scores with this chip?

K404 says:

+1 You really did make this as hard as possible for yourself!


Please can you test for us on air/water with 1.45v? Just mac CPU-Z validation. Don't worry about any load benches :)


Thanks bro!

China wytiwx says:

OK, I will test some air-cooling result with my EP35-DS4 and my Celerons.


Please wait to enjoy!

China wytiwx says:

I have added more details.


What the hell happen to my images?


It is not so clear.

Austria oanvoanc says:

your achievement is just amazing :)

whats the rev. of the mainboard?

thanks for sharing to the community. :)

China wytiwx says:



mobo: GA-EP35-DS4 (PCB REV:2.1, BIOS Version:F5)

Christian Ney says:

Send it to TaPaKaH, I see 9GHz coming

TaPaKaH says:

to be honest, I never tried a Gigabyte for suicide validations, but I have a suspicion that on P5E3-Premium, using proper pot and proper paste, this CPU will surpass my 8308 :)

United States Hondacity says:

to be honest, I never tried a Gigabyte for suicide validations, but I have a suspicion that on P5E3-Premium, using proper pot and proper paste [with sambo on the keyboard], this CPU will surpass my 8308 :)


corrected :D

China wytiwx says:



I have no idea about the proper pot, is that the Dragon F1?


Now I use the Koolance pot because I have only one pot to use :P


To be honest too, EP35-DS4 is really not a good choice, especially only 4 PCB layers.


But this mobo has no CB/CBB for cedarmill suicide validations with any Vcore.I want to know if there was the same thing on P5E3-Premium, but I have no P5E3-Premium.

Germany Masterchief79 says:

If you don't have these things... but such a good CPU... i see the sponsors running to be first at your door :D

Seriously, getting near to 8200 with this hardware is really nice and pretty humiliating for the rest of us xD It's kind of your duty now to beat TaPaKaH with the real shit :P

China wytiwx says:

I tried my celly 352 on an old P5E3-Premium, and This mobo have very bad CBB if I use the OV_CPU switch or Vcore >1.7, is this the OVP someting? Who can tell me how to deal with the CBB issue on P5E3-Premium? Thanks

TaPaKaH says:

I had the exact same problem with my 8211MHz D0 chip - on P5E3prem with jumper at >1.7 and other boards it would CBB at -70, but with P5E3prem with jumper at <1.7 CBB moved to -160.

I'm afraid there's nothing you can do, sadly :( .. you'll have use your heatgun a lot, that's how I worked with the 8211 chip back in the day.

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