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- Extreme League

240487 marks avec 3x AMD Radeon HD 7970 à MHz

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WR Rank:

222nd sur un total de 7259


Global 3x GPU classement:

29th sur un total de 505


3x Radeon HD 7970 classement:

26th sur un total de 52

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  • Modèle: Intel Core i7 2600K 'Sandy Bridge'
  • Refroidissement: Single Stage Phase Change
  • Fréquence: 5 954MHz (+75.12%)
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Détails mémoire

  • Refroidissement: Air (Stock)
  • Type: unknown

Détails carte graphique

  • Modèle: 3x Radeon HD 7970 (Tahiti) AMD
  • Refroidissement: Air (Stock)
  • Fréquence: 925MHz / 1 375MHz (Stock)
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  • Refroidissement: Air (Stock)

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Commentaires récents

Italy Gabry_Ares a commenté son propre score:

....seems last run with 2600k .... :( Thanks to www.hwlegend.com !!!!

Italy nick.sf dit :

Amazing..... You are the best situation bro!!!!!


Italy rsannino dit :

GREAT GREAT score.... !!!!!!


Complimenti GABRY!!

dit :

Thanks really for all bro!!

Ya... nick, this isn't a bad situation!! ;)

Italy pixy dit :

amazing score! go bro go

United States reggiesanchez dit :

WOW HUGE score, 240 done congrats

Italy 2600 dit :

Italian RuleZ great work bro

dit :

Thanks fede, raggiesanchez and jayo!!! ;)

United States Hondacity dit :

world record! grats

Italy delly dit :

amazing score!! congrats Gabry! :)

Iran Veyron dit :

very good

thank man

Italy vega05 dit :

great gabry

good job

dit :

Thanks hondacity, luca, veyron and lore ... ;)

simpatiacaserta dit :

great!!! good work and great score!

dit :

Thanks darione!!!

Russian Federation IceAlex dit :

congrats on the excellent result!

Brazil Rbuass dit :

Awesome efficiency...

Congratz friend...you did a great job.

Keep pushing

dit :

Thanks Icealex!!

Thx really Mr Rbuass , this score will not last long, just a little glory for a short time!!!

I will try to do always a nice job! ;)

Italy coccus80 dit :

Great score! number one on the 3d03 :-)

dit :

Ahahah.. thanks bro!!! you are the italian mike's version "the situation" !!! ;P

Italy coccus80 dit :

Thanx bro. :-)

Italy 7ornado dit :

way to go man. grats for the record

Italy Slime dit :

E che te lo dico a fare... ^_^

dit :

Thx tornado, thx edo!! ;)

Italy Bob80 dit :

Nice one man ;)

Brazil Rbuass dit :

I understand...lol

Ivy bridge will kill us...


Greece Aristidis dit :

Hey man great score congrats

dit :

I understand...lol

Ivy bridge will kill us...



true bro... :(

dit :

Hey man great score congrats


thanks really mr Aristidis!! ;)

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