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- Elite League

12223 marks with Nvidia Lightning GeForce GTX 580 at 1590/1300MHz

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  • Model: Intel Core i7 2600K 'Sandy Bridge'
  • Cooling: Dry Ice
  • Temperature (°C): -65 (load)
  • Speed: 5,619MHz (+65.26%)
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Mainboard details

Disk details

  • Manufacturer: Intel
  • Capacity: 80GB (AHCI)
  • Series: X25-M SSD (PC29AS21BA0 controller)
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Power details

  • Manufacturer: Antec
  • Series: High Current Pro
  • Power: 1,200 Watt
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Recent Comments

South Africa deadmeat says:

Pleasure :P

Very well done m8, been a long struggle but getting there.

Hope full 1C is the 1 :)

South Africa DrWeez says:

thanks bud, don't you mean 2a? :)

South Africa deadmeat says:

sorry thought it was 1c, O well dont care it works :)


Very very nice !!

Sweden ME4ME says:

Another great lightning. Congrats on #1!

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Aaaannd yet another WR is made - Congrats, Brother!!

Really great benching effort from you, keep pushing!!

Iran Olesius says:

another 12k score, congrats :) low temp 1.6ghz... :D

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

Awesome! :D

United States Gautam says:

I almost feel like not even bothering to congratulate you because I know you'll be beating this soon :P

United Kingdom bazx says:

great job

Colombia luque says:

Another golden 580

Nice shot!!!!!

South Africa Vivi says:

siiiiick. From 1350, to 1450, to 1480, to 1500, to 1530, to 1590. bench bench bench

Netherlands neliz says:

Man, I have to keep up with these scores, which is a ***** of a task if you guess keep breaking records every F'ing day!

South Africa chickenbeef says:

Well done weez

Ukraine cyclone says:

Ouch... Congratz DrWeez, you really deserve it!

Ukraine cyclone says:

p.s. how many volts did you give to that GPU? -)

United Kingdom Dualist says:

Beautiful work man ;)

TaPaKaH says:

it's only a matter of time before Hazzan wakes up (it's currently night in Asia) and beats you with a backup :D

South Africa Lianesch says:

Hou ons land hoog!

United States G H Z says:

OK 1600 done, 1700/1400 anyone?

United States Hondacity says:

nice :D

United States Hondacity says:

1c delta? idle to load? thats a super pot :D

South Africa Vivi says:

nah i think they where talking about Pot revisions :P

South Africa deadmeat says:

yeah pot revision :)

New pot we been working on for the last few months

Russian Federation Mefist0 says:

Wow, its awesome 1590Mhz! Nice work man!

Russian Federation _12_ says:

OMG! strong clocks/ Congrats! vgpu 1.6v?

South Africa DrWeez says:

Thanks everyone.


@Gautam, hopefully your statement is true, No backups but 1600+ looks possible more LN2 on Friday


@cyclone 1.567vGPU


@Sam OCX, sad but true :)


@Hondacity, 1c was the pot revision number, currently on 2a with 2b in the planning stage. The temp swing was 7 to 12deg depending on my concentration levels and trimming


@12, 1.567vGPU

Finland Mean Machine says:

Sick. I didn't want to have to try and beat that this weekend, but I'll have to try. :)


Nice frequencies!

Greece Aristidis says:

Grate score and grate VGA, congrats.:)

What thermal paste did you use?

Germany Kurbel says:

well done ;)

South Africa Vivi says:

Astridis he used normal arctic cooling stuff that cracks at -135 so he doesn't prefer it. Shows you how nicely he had to work to get this score! With better paste he will be flying 1600+

Brazil Rbuass says:

Insane man...

Great job witha a sicky card

United States Hondacity says:

7delta? my goodness thats a good container...


did you solder the pot to the ihs? lol


nice stuff

United Kingdom scooter.jay says:

Nice work weez:)

Guyana sear says:

good work and good results compliment

Indonesia Hazzan says:

Wow nice result....Congcrat for the WR. amazing jobs

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