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16min 16sec 578ms with AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE at 4000.7MHz

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20th out of 39

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Germany commented on his own score:

a tough fight to get these combination of clocks and timings to work...

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

PSC are better on Thuban. Much more stable.
Disabling 4 cores also helps with CPU-NB clocks.

Germany says:

Unfortunately I only had two memory kits. 2x 1 gb Cellshock, maxed out at 1666 6-5-5 or 1720 6-6-6. And these Corsairs which I could run 1840 6-6-5 with tight subs on air with this system (NB at 3 ghz). Under cold I could only complete this run with relaxed timings. With tighter timings I would probably shave two seconds off - but no chance to come close of your run. Your score is awesome... :)

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

I managed to save it on the third attempt. First one froze while opening cpuz, second one restarted while opening cpuz.
I have some old LN2 profiles saved, so had to only adjust clocks. Could run 940 6-6-6-18, but there was no suitable combination with cpu and nb clocks, so I had to use yours :). And yes, Hypers are tricky with Thuban on cold, while on Deneb you can bench tight without a problem (on most chips). Disabling cores on Thuban could gain you about 200-300MHz on the NB with same volts, but Deneb is faster clock per clock.

Germany says:

Thanks for your information. I didn't overclock AMD for a long time now and all your hints regarding memory and NB are new to me. Thanks for that... :) And regarding the fact that I'm not a Pi-specialist my score feels even better now... I will try to come close to your time in the next few weeks. But first I have to buy a Deneb because the only Phenom-II-cpu left is the 1100T.

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