EVGA Intros Power Boost Gadget to Improve PCI-E Power Stability

Hm ... $20? Really necessary?

EVGA released what it claims to be a handy little accessory that can increase PCI-Express slot power, improving overclocking stability of graphics cards installed. Called the EVGA Power Boost, the gadget is a tiny PCB that fits into the power-line notch of any PCI-Express slot (x1 thru x16), and draws in an auxiliary 12V line directly from the power supply unit. The little PCB draws in power from a standard Molex power connector, adding it to the motherboard's 12V line. EVGA also gave out a detailed HD video showing users exactly how to install the device, because inserting it into the wrong part of the PCI-Express slot will fry the motherboard. EVGA is asking $20 for it.


United Kingdom El Gappo says:

I presume this is to counter the melting 24pin problems that's caused so many RMA's so... Make them pay to keep it working... Obviously.

What's with all the 4chan marketing crap lately? wtf.. ________ MARRIED WOMAN LIVE

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

DFI had two floppy connectors exactly for this case. And it really might help is some cases. But quite rarely to be hones.

United States pcnazz says:

Interesting tech if it does what it claims .

United States Bobnova says:

EVGA isn't known for cheap prices, but $20 for that is a bit much. The amusing part to me is that it's creation was likely driven by their own boards melting, and instead of you know, fixing the problem like Asus did with the R3E, they create this and charge more money. Reminds me of the memory booster of DDR past.

kikicoco1334 says:

^ +1

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