OC Weekend with ASUS, Intel and the Nordics!

Don't you wish that you could be a fly on the Intel wall

Most of you probably already heard about this event .. and though more likelly in a Sandy Bridge sample chasing period as it is every time Intel is launching a new CPU. Remember Gulftown? Well… the same !

As for past seasons, ASUS is organizing in partnership with Intel a benching sessions not specifically of course on SandyBridge but on some other parts that could offer us some quite interesting results of the season. Why do I say interesting ? Well as you may know having one sample is good, having two is great .. having 11 pieces of a VGA is just a step forward into some potential very good looking results indeed !

The event is going to take place in Kista (not very far from Stockholm downtown) at the Intel offices there. While preparing this coverage yesterday through a discussion with Marcus (aka. Kinc) from ASUS, he told me a little more about the benching menu of the weekend.

Who: Kinc (ASUS), Thomas (Intel Nordics), Elmor, Mean Machine, ME4ME, Sampsa and SF3D.

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