What is Turbo Boost?

Simpy hilarious clip where people try to guess what the Turbo Boost technology is. Warning: put cup of coffee on desk before watching!

One of Intel's big selling points for its Core i5 and Core i7 processors is something called Turbo Boost Technology. It's a feature that dynamically adjusts processor speed if the user needs additional performance, and then saves energy when he/she doesn't.

With Turbo Boost heavily marketed since it debuted with the Intel Core i5 and i7 in January, we wondered how the marketing campaign is coming along as these products enter their first holiday shopping season. So we recently asked salespeople at the computer departments of several Sacramento, Calif. area retailers a simple question: "What is Turbo Boost?" Responses ranged from impressive to yikes. Always purposely standing in front of an Intel Core i5 when the question was posed, here's what we got ...

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