MSI and Futuremark: Extreme OC Challenge

Today Futuremark officially announced the most highly anticipated PC performance benchmark, 3DMark 11. MSI, Futurmark’s official Mainboard and Graphics Card partner will launch two official Overclocking Competition. The first phase will focus on the Supreme overlocking card, the N480GTX Lightning. The second phase will focus on the best price performance of any NVIDIA GTX400 or GTX500 series card. Cash prices are available for the highest overclocks, best price performance and weekly lucky draws will ensure that every participant has the chance to win an MSI Mainboard, Graphics card or full version of 3DMark 11.


Belgium Massman says:

Go, clock and win!

Germany Hyperhorn says:

for the person breaking the current world record clock speed on the N480GTX Lightning, 1450 MHz, there’s an additional $1.000 prize

So the guy with the highest GPU clock frequency gets $1.000, if it´s at least 1450 MHz or does it mean, that the guy who reaches the highest 3DM11 score gets additional $1.000 if he pushed the GPU clock frequency >1450 MHz? (Or everyone with at least 1450 MHz GPU clock frequency gets $1.000? :D)

Spain MrDucktape says:

I think that you just need to go over 1450 wich is the current record.

France brice28 says:

For Clock Frequency over 1450,1000$ only for the first to achieve

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