TeamAU is proving unstoppable in PCMARK with yet another world record high in PCMV!

Well, this is a bit akward: TeamAU writing how awesome TeamAU is. I remember, years ago, a kid doing this on the school yard, but he got beaten up so perhaps it's not really relevant to this news story.

Nevertheless, pretty impressive score! Looking forward to see what SteveRo can pull out of his hat!

Youngpro from TeamAU is yet again proving to be unstoppable with relentless global world record pursuit.

PCMARK Vantage has seen new heights with a 45,669 points set a couple of days ago with a GIGABYTE X58A-UD7 rev2.0 which is one of his favourite boards rivalling even the great UD9. Both boards use the new Unlocked Power PWM which is one of the key features extreme overclockers require for world record overclocking performance.

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