In The Tech #2 feat. Oliver Baltuch – Futuremark President

Interesting video! Must-see for all OC enthusiasts.

After a long time working on it we area releasing our second episode of In The Tech where you can discover more about the companies, their history and the opinion of the important people in this industry. After Scott Richards from ANTEC in our first episode, Oliver Baltuch welcomed us in the Futuremark Corporation Head Office in Saratoga, California.

It’s was a great pleasure to meet Oliver in person and we took the time to make this with a lot of extra content prior to the launch of 3DMark 11.

Get all the details about Futuremark before the fever around 3Dmark 11 in few days…


United States G H Z says:

Thanks for asking him about their stance on cheating, at least they are thinking about it. "cool" lol, if only he knew how much you say that Isaie.

Antarctica Trouffman says:

@Maxi so true ^^

United States steponz says:

Good interview....

I wonder what Mass has to say about he self-governing... lol

Belgium Massman says:

It does ring a bell ...

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